‘Uncommon Contest’ Announcement!

Greetings Uncommon Ones,

We all know that the Control Freak despises the notion of the Diva relieving him of his music choices while we record. However, tomorrow that’s exactly what’s going to happen. His angst will be understandable, we all know he considers Fergie, Big Mouth Todd and Lady Goo Goo to be quality music, so we forgive him in advance for all the negative things he’s likely to say tomorrow!

Tomorrow there will be a contest that’s been rolling around the Cleaner’s cranium for a while. Should be fun. Tomorrow you get the chance to…

“Beat the Parson!”

What does one have to do to beat the Parson? Piece of cake; Simply know more about good music than he does! This should be a ridiculously easy task for most folks above the age of 20. Here’s the rules:

1. Each segment will begin and end with a ‘Mystery Song.’ These are my choices, of course, and fall into one or two, or both, categories – Bands you all know who did songs you haven’t heard (or heard in a while), or songs that you’ve all heard but can’t for the life of you name the band.

2. Each song is worth 2 points -1 for the right band, another for the correct title of the song.

3. “Your task, should you accept it,” is to score higher than the Parson.

4. Send your answers to me via FacePal (if you’re my friend, and if not please send me a request) or directly to my e-mail – cleaner@dls.net .

The fun will be in listening to the Parson struggle, grunt and groan live as we record – giving you a pretty good idea whether or not he can correctly answer – while knowing that you DO have the right answer! I will record his answers as we go along (this will not be announced on air), and will post his score before next week’s show. I can see John channeling his inner Kramden right now – “Hamina hamina, hamina…’

Ah, I can see you from here, you’re asking yourself, “Why should I participate in this ridiculous stunt designed to get me to listen to this boring show, anyway?” Good question, and I forgive you for asking in that manner. Why? There is a prize on the line, Uncommon Friend, and that prize is the ‘Most Fabulous Object in the Universe!’

Yes, indeed, and I’m betting you don’t have one of those!

Okay, it’s not that great, but it will be more than worth your while, you have my word, as I’m ponying up the prize for the winner. Can’t tell you what it is, only I know, but I trust that you shall trust me. Deal? You will be pleased.

Have at it, have fun, and NO CHEATING!, either. I have a ‘Shazam’ app on my new handy-dandy iPhone that would identify any song ever recorded, I do hope you’ll resist the temptation.

No iPhones, no Internet searches, no nuthin’, please, challenge yourself, keep it real!, and let’s work on the honor system. Besides, if you cheat I’ll know, anyway, and go full ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ on you..!!

Good luck, and God Bless,




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  2. davesteiger /

    CLASSIC episode! Good catch, Jim..!!

  3. Artskoe /

    “Suwannee River!!!” Yaba daba doo I WIN!!! How about that Norton!!??

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