Uncommon Sense Webcast – April 28, 2011


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1. Madonna & Fergie – Parson’s Confession – eBay Sniping – Jim & Jay Have Cojones – Killing Fields

2. REM – Eminent Theologian, The Right Rev. Bishop Pastor Bill O’Reilly – Only *REALLY* Bad People Go To Hell? – Analyzing Bad Theology

3. The Boss? – Finishing Pastor Bishop O’Reilly’s Concepts On Hell

4. Ambush Phone Call To The Cleaners Pal, James Harper – Talking Talking ‘The Crying Game’ & Old Times

5. I Can’t Save All The Animals!! – Who Would You Support In The Primaries? – Fun With Ron Paul – I Wanna Be An RP – Who Would Ron Paul Pick As VP?

6. Pastor Lawrence O’Donnell – Pastor O’Donnell vs. Rush – Pastor O’Donnell Detests The Book Of Revelation – Pastor O’Donnell Argues With Franklin Graham – Double Standard Questions

7. Lawrence O’Donnell Sets Up Rev. Graham – Salvation & Sanctification – Who Could Be A Christian Under Pastor O’Donnell’s Definition

8. What really Happened To The Blackhawks? – The Cleaner Explains – NEVER Take The Stanley Cup To The Gay Pride Parade – Superman Is Now A Globalist/One Worlder

9. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Luke Up For An Acting Award – Stage Fighting – Reviewing Atlas Shrugged

10. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – Finishing Up Boring Atlas Shrugged – More On Superman – Luke’s Nuggets – Lindsay Lohan – Top 5 World Leaders You’d Like To Party With – Julianne Moore Ain’t No Sarah Palin – Cleaner’s Personal Invitation



  1. davesteiger /

    (God) “If the Blackhawks repent of their wicked, wicked ways, promise to never again bring their sacred chalice to a gay pride parade, then yes, I will allow them to win again – someday.”

    I saw the O’Reilly/Graham segment on the replay, and it was, well, less than satisfying for me, personally.

    Thanks for the kind words – I thought this show stunk, but then I listened to some of it today and it didn’t sound half as bad as I first thought. Sometimes you can be your own worst critic!


  2. Artskoe /

    WOULD someone PLU-LEEZE tell me why the Cubs can’t win the first game of a series? I know it’s early yet, but they just can’t seem to get hyped up for the first dang game no matter who or where they play!!! Is that the Lou Brock/Ernie Brolio curse you are talkin’ about?

    What? What’s that you say? Huh? This is a show about movies? Movies, huh? Like… like… “The Crying Game?” What da heck ya say?

    Oh, yeah, you try to cover up by talking about ONE single member of the Blackhawks taking the Cup to a rainbow parade – then he was traded to a team that didn’t make the playoffs at all (well, he was traded again to Montreal, but that’s ironic since he doesn’t speak French since he was born in Calgary). Yes the ‘Hawks gave him permission to take the cup to the parade, but that doesn’t have anything to do with rookie Cory Crawford, goalie, who played splendidly, and rookie Ben Smith who almost single-handedly brought us back from 3 games down. Or the rest of the ‘Hawks who did NOT attend the parade.

    So where was I again? Oh, movies! “Atlas Shrugs”…I think most people thought ‘since I am gonna snooze through this I might as well snooze in front of the tube in the bedroom on DVD.’ But the producer sure is playing that song…what’s it called? …Oh, yeah…”The Crying Game” since he weeps that parts 2 & 3 are in double jeopardy (get it?).

    So Friar O’Reilly, one of Robin Hoods’ boys, had Franklin Graham on as you were recording and it’s a known fact now (since he repeated the claim) that if you are killed by a mass murderer – BOOM! – you go to heaven. Friar O’Reilly says anyone who doesn’t believe that is insane… Wouldn’t the logical conclusion be to obtain sainthood via mass martyrdom? Where do the many go for that?

    Finally in the end, Ponder this: will the new Vikings QB wear number Farve? Or is it stranger that Jerry JONES drafted a SMITH (and he wants Jones-type money already). Doesn’t matter, since we have Mike Tice. Just a couple FA away from a march to February!

    Good show, guys. Now I go write that check to Herman Cain to make up for the Cleaner’s shameful mini contribution…

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