Uncommon Sense Webcast – April 21, 2011


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1. Brother Stage, IN THE HOUSE – Charles Manson is SPEAKING – Two Charlies – Earth Day – Breaking Glass

2. Brother Stage Don’t Know Music – Disco Duck – Obama’s Pad Isn’t His Pad – Brother Stage, Former Smoker, Current Marathon Runner – Tree Climbing

3. Oil Over $112.00 – Compensation For Helping idiot Arab Nations – Where The Hell Is Guam? – Donald Trump – Who Is Barack Obama? – Sarah Palin – Candidate Chat

4. Expired Chips – Brother Stage Predicts Republican Candidates – Luke’s Facepal Friends – Pro Wrestling – Getting The Information Out There

5. Dark Knight Award – Col. Allen West – DADT – Frank Homosexuality Chat – Relative Truths – Absolute Truth

6. Obama’s Fundraiser Surprise – Pfc. Bradley Manning – Fun With Superhero Capes For The Unemployed

7. Theological Segment – “I Am Heavy Debt, You Can’t Repay Me” – Sin, Payment For It – Resurrection Sunday – Real Persecution – 2nd Timothy 3:1-5 – Gift Of Salvation

8. Obama The Interpreter – “Social Change” – The Only Change Going On Is That Already Explained In The Bible – Death Penalty Does Deter Crime – Shout Out To My Newest Brother, John R. –

9. JFK Black Helicopter Theory – Rosewll – Jan Brewer, Mama Grizzly Fails – Controlling Kids’ Games – Miserable Meal & An Uncommon Visitor – Saying Goodbye To Mary

10. Uncommon Pre-Recorded Session With Brother Stage & The Parson, Pt. 1

11. Uncommon Pre-Recorded Session With Brother Stage & The Parson, Pt. 2



  1. lukehamilton /

    I’ll have to take your word for it, chief. Don’t have any chocotini or Sybaris experience to draw from. We all know I could never replace The Preacher, but it was fun to hit in your slot in the lineup for a day. And you can’t be the producer anyway, Brenda would chew you up and spit you out in the first 2 hours.

    Funny, when you guys do go live I have a feeling Richard Nixon’s twice-removed cousin is gonna be a regular on the phone lines.

  2. The Parson /

    O.K. I grudgingly have to admit that you guys are good together, which is sort of like admitting that my ex-wife’s new boyfriend is handsome. I will take a producer role in the future.
    Now, as your new producer, I’m going to have to be painfully honest. There was too much agreement on this show; I mean you two could’ve done this show from the PARADISE SWIMMING POOL SUITE at the Sybaris while sipping each other’s Chocotini’s. I need some more conflict gents; put the mutual admiration society on the back burner … take a call from Brother Rich, or from Richard Nixon’s cousin twice removed (and I do mean twice removed – Secret Service detained him twice). Just saying. If you guys think that I’ll be one of those push over producers that your used to then you really don’t know what Mammon’s got cooking. Feel me, ladies?

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