Uncommon Sense Webcast – April 7, 2011


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1. Intro – Down On Beck – The GBN – New Dark Knight, Pittsburgh Is Now Gotham? – Caterpillar (Won’t Move!) – Tractors Have Hubcaps? – Jimmie Johns Moved?

2. An Introduction To Nutters – The Original Nutter Issue, Fluoridation – How To Deal With Nutters, IF You Must – The 5 Rules – The Nuclear Option

3. Burning The Koran (Qur’an) – Miller & O’Reilly On Islam – How Much Longer?

4. Bobby Ghosh, NOT A Theological Genius – The Bible Written BY Men, The Koran BY ‘God’? – What Would Happen IF…?

5. Cleaner Spots A Liberal – Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF.ORG) – Signs

6. Tom Brokaw Comments On The Middle East & President Obama – Saudi Arabia, Russia (Meshach & Tubal), China – Say, What Is Donald Trump’s Position On Israel?

7. Glenn Beck Says Goodbye – Why? – Discussion – Christian Pastors Who Ignore Bible Prophecy

8. More On Glenn Beck – Prepare For The GBN – Say, Who Needs Their Own Show?

9. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Predictions On What Glenn Beck Will Do – A Brother Stage Ambush – Movies We’re Excited About – Great Music – “Remember Your First Download?”

10. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – Luke’s Nuggets – The Bieber IS Expendable! – Nutter Principles Revisited



  1. The Parson /

    Guilty. Multiple Columbia records deals. First cassette tapes were The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. It was my surfer wannabe stage.

  2. davesteiger /

    Oh my, you just gave me a Vietnam flashback with the whole Columbia records deal. I must have done that about 18 times, fulfilled the obligation, canceled, and started all over again!

    Beck is about to be reborn! (Hopefully in more ways than one.)

  3. Artskoe /

    Oh, come now…music was born in Boomers the day you got your big cardboard package from the Columbia Record Club! (Queue Tijuana Brass, Smothers Brothers & Bill Cosby “Why is there Air?”).

    And everyone knows the Cubs have not won since 1908 because THE TRIB owned them. Wait ’til next year!!

    Finally, Pete Sellers taught us ONE thing: Do NOT steal from a Coke machine!

    Lastly, the Beck comment about liberals crapping their pants a year from now…won’t we be gearing up for an e-l-e-c-t-i-o-n about this time next year? Just sayin’…

    Melancholy, but great show guys!

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