Uncommon Sense Webcast – March 31, 2011


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1. Intro – How Does The Rhino Do His Business, Anyway? – The Cleaner’s Universal Rant

2. No Brother Stage – Xtranormal Software – DeNiro v.s Pacino – Dissecting The Rant

3. Don’t Fear The Reaper & Christopher Walken – Awards For Great Cameos – Weak Christians – Mary Jane Gardner, Osman Daramy, Hate Crimes & Islam

4. Ooops, Forgot One – More End Times Theology Chat – Can America Get Reclaim Itself? – A Ralphie Fantasy – Another Mini-Rant – A Bit About The Parson

5. Doug & Regis Giles – Red Dawn Remake – Howard Stern Vs. Dick Durbin – The Picture! – Which Senator?

6. Remembering Anne Frank – Peggy Joseph & President Obama – The Real World – Preparing The Way For The Donald!

7. Vote For Donald ‘The Birther’ Trump? YOU BET! – More Politics – Who’d You Rather Have Angry At You?

8. The Parson Is A Semi-Tasker – A $600,000 Piece Of WHAT? – Our Favorite Black Panther, Malik Zulu Shabazz! – Our Take On Muammar Gaddafi

9. Funny Take On Socialism – A Japanese Kook – Matt Lauer & Michele Bachmann – Osama Bin LADEN, Not LOWDEN!

10. Behind Closed Doors – Obama’s Transparency & Peace Awards – Cleaner’s Special FacePal Friend’s Request

11. Cleaner’s Search For Friends – FacePal Man Rules – Cleaner’s Octagon – The Parson’s Thinks Of It As A Hall, Not A Wall – Christians & Their Generally Errant Views On Israel

12. Rep. Alan Hale (R-Montana) – Good Solutions To Bad Actions – Lots Of Potential Nukes -Apocalypse Pantry – Hey, Bruce! – Upcoming Movies


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  1. Artskoe /

    Hey Dave, here’s an uncommon female facepal friend suggestion: Victoria Jackson. And, she would make a good guest shot on one of your shows.

    Thanks for the choc. eggs, but remember I am picky: Dove Dark Chocolate. Also, it’s getting hot here in Texas (Happy Opening Day) so it’s best the eggs are packed in hot ice.

    Rant number 75: “Yes, I’m saved, after all I was BAPTIZED!”

    How the heck did Brother Stage get such a nice virtual office??


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