Uncommon Sense Webcast – March 17, 2011


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1. Intro – Good Cookies – Modern Day Slavery – NFL Lockout – Blacks & Hockey & Swimming – Women In Sports

2. Johnny Wier – Who Would We Waterboard? – Charlie Sheen, On Tour – Sharron Angle, Running Again! – Illinois SB1619 – The Problem With Babylons

3. Casey ‘The Punisher’ Heynes – Bullying – Big Argument On Bullying – Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Godesses – The Human Face Of ‘Winning’ – NOT “Winning” – Bully Correction Update From The Telegraph

4. Fox News Drives Them Crazy – Fair & Balanced? – Dissing Martha MacCallum – Benny Hinn, A Shofar, Not A Kazoo! – Analyzing Benny – Smacking Oprah Down

5. More Righteous Benny Hinn – Finding Out Who Watches Daytime TV

6. Donald Trump, A Birther! – What’s Really Up With Japan, Anyway? – I’ll Bet You Don’t Even Know What Radiation Is! – Stupid People Who Don’t Want To Evacuate

7. Rob Bell, Another Kazoo Of A ‘Pastor’ – Martin Bashir Vs. Rob Bell – Logical Fallacies & Bad Questions

8. More Bashir Vs. Bell – Luke 16 – Amending the Gospel – Worthless Wheaton College

9. Alice Cooper, A Glimpse At What Real Christians Look Like When They’re Not Faking It – A Great Testimony

10. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt.#1 – Battle L.A. – Analyzing The Wrong ‘Rev.’ Wright’

11. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt.#2 – A Facepal Bit – More With The Wrong ‘Rev.’ Wright – Luke’s Nuggets


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