Uncommon Sense Webcast – March 10, 2011


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1. Intro – Parson On Facepal – The Parson Is Losing Weight – Genesis Of Facepal – Dave’s Facepal Contest – Cleaner Island – DSM & Facepal

2. Technical Glitches – UK Doctors Recommending Abortions – Natalie Portman – NASA’s Godsmack

3. A Little Charlie Sheen – What Do I Have In Common With My Mormon Neighbor – (Technical Glitches, then…) Harry Reid SPEAKS! – Brokeback Mounting – Northwestern University’s Interesting Psychology Course

4. Desiring Charlie Sheen – 2 1/2 Men – Charlie Sheen or Kirk Douglas – Chuckleberry Dim & His ‘Large’ Family – One Figner Bassist – Promising Republicans – Christ Christie – Obama Can’t Bench 200# – Tim Pawlenty’s Campaign Manager

5. A Scientific Breakthrough – What Makes Men Tick – Comfort Levels Inside the Marriage Relationship – The Parson Is Now A Facepal Metrosexual Manwuss – Chuck Baldwin SPEAKS – Spontaneous Theological Segment – Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan – New Age Influences

6. Small Theological Question – What To Do With That Nasty Idol, Anyway? – Lord’s Supper & Daniel 9 – Ministries That Lack Street Effectiveness

7. Jesse Jackson Jr. Is A Constitutional GENIUS, I Tell Ya – Deconstructing Jesse & Liberals In General

8. REALLY Quick Hits – Idiot Governor Pat Quinn Bans Illinois Death Penalty – 35% Of Wages Came From The Government – Million Muslim March On 7/04/2011 – Obama Keeps Club Gitmo Open – Stunning Death Threat For Wisconsin State Senators – Wisconsin Update

9. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Man On The Street – Brother State In Springfield – IGOLD – Concealed Carry – An Uncommon Beatdown – 1 of 2 States Not having Concealed Carry!

10. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – Waiting For Superman – Failing Schools – Michelle Rhee – When Did It Begin To Go Downhill? – Where Are All The Smart American Grads? – At The Core It’s The Family – Talking Oscars – James Franco Needed A Little Charlie Sheen!Liam Neeson’s New (Blah) Flick



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  8. lukehamilton /

    Tell you what, Parson. When we get C&C later this year, I’ll let you purchase my permit for me. How’s that? It’s the least I can do.

  9. John Kirkwood /

    The Dem’s idea of concealed carry is that they will allow all Ron Paul devotees the permission to conceal and carry a pocket constitution, as long as they pass a poll test in braille.
    Would you care to put your pedicure where your mouth is, Stage?

  10. lukehamilton /

    WTH is an incession? And I will accept your heartfelt apologies anytime.


  11. The Cleaner /

    DeMint for damn sure caused the Incesssion…!!

  12. John Kirkwood /

    Uhhh, Demint caused the incession.

  13. lukehamilton /

    I’ve been meaning to say something about this suspect poll of yours.. What kind of conservative straw-poll leaves out Herman Cain and Jim DeMint?? And for V.P. you can just give it to Allen West now.

    Cleaner, your boy Christie is (ideologically) squishy on a number of important areas but the one nearest and dearest to your heart is Islam. He’s an establishment GOP candidate and while I like his style and his chutzpah, he will not bring the voice of Tea Party Conservatism to the White House.

    Parson, I’m at a loss for words. Dave is right, you are morphing into a total manwuss. You’re leaving SUSHI in other men’s refrigerators?!?!? I think we need to have an organizational meeting real soon. Between the two of you, I’m wondering if we might be able to get a couple of spots on the Lifetime channel..

    I think the Daniel meal is probably referring to Daniel’s refusal to eat the King’s meat. He and the other Hebrews in captivity ate a vegetarian diet and Daniel promised that they would become stronger than those who ate meat, right?

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