Uncommon Sense Webcast – February 24, 2011


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1. Intro – Revolution Is In The Air! – Top Nominees For 2012 – The Saudis Are Smart –

2. Fleebaggers – Wimpy Cleaner and Chocotinis & Lemon Drops – Neighborly Love – Getting Combat Ready!

3. The Greatest Wisconsin Teacher Of All Time – Some, Er, Not So Good Wisconsin Teachers – 5 Good Things That Have Happened Since President Obama Was Elected – Ambassador Rooney

4. ‘Bad Jew’ – An Uncommon Confession – A VERY HARD CLIP, Foul Language Alert – More Wisconsin Madness – Two Fun Loving Gay Lovers

5. A Bad Day! – Richard Trumka, Obama’s Best Buddy – “Disappointed” In President Obama? – An Army Of 200,000 – Is That President Obama? – This Is For The Kids!!

6. The Wisdom Of Ann Coulter On Unions – Morning Joe Gets A Reality Check – A Major Difference Between Conservative & Liberals – There Is Hope For Mika

7. The Greatest Sound Ever Made By Man – Jessica Hahn Vs. Barbara Walters – Professor Cleaner – The Paper Chase – Skull Full Of Mush

8. Bill Maher’s Moment Of Clarity – Loony Tavis Smiley – The Cleaner’s “Who Dat?”

9. Leonidas Award – Col. Allen West – Battling CAIR – Demolishing Islam – Abrogation – David Cameron, Next Week!



  1. My favourite story that I share frequently with my clients is my brother’s counting dog. (an English Springer Spaniel) My brother repeated commands frequently and what I noticed was that Jasper would wait until her heard the “sit” command 8 times before he plunked down. I tested it and he consistently sat after hearing the cue 8 times. It didn’t matter if the verbal cue became louder, softer, done in a whisper or matched with a hand signal. 11 was his magic number.

  2. Bill Ward /

    Loved the segment about Bill Maher and Tavis Smiley. Smiley is truly the most self loathing and self righteous man at the same time. He is the perfect and most completed example of the leftist social justice politically correct “christian”. You are so correct Parson, there is more hope for Maher than there is for Tavis Smiley. I bump into his program on pbs often and it is totally intolerable to listen to. It really never ceases to amaze me how people can not bring themselves to the simple logic that there are degrees of evil. Nothing drives me more CRAAAAAZY! than relativistic illogic.

  3. The Parson /

    Are’s is not too reason why; hours is but to do and die. Can’t you find a different pet peeve Cleaner? I mean really, its getting sort of annoying. My peeves aren’t as anal as your’s. And yours. Me and Dave will be off this week but Dave and I are really excited about the next show. And are you inferring Cleaner that I don’t know the King’s English? Do you know what kind of effect that your affecting by the constant criticism? I have a thin skin; besides I’m color your analysis. Can you feel me?
    You’res truly
    The Parson
    P.S. A classic case of deflection Holly; I think he probably even changed my original you’re to your just to change the subject. Come on Fonzi, say it … I was wrrrr… I was wrrrr… I’m truly ssss.

  4. davesteiger /

    Oh, and by the way, “your right?” You HAVE to be kidding me, Parson! What, are you talking about some legal right my lil’ sis has, or what?

    Next week, my class, be there…!!


  5. The Cleaner /

    You’re both so easy..!!



  6. Sodium Pentothal /

    Your exactly right Holbo; thanks for having my back. He sounds like the guy that slips and falls on his backside only to get up and say, “I meant to do that.” We both have a dose of Sometheimers going on; I just have the honesty to admit it. The condition that may be hindering the Cleaner is called Tavis Smilius. It’s characterized by grand delusions and an almost insatiable desire for foo-foo drinks.
    The Parson

  7. Nah, not buying it. Had too many experiences with you and yer memory lately.

  8. The Cleaner /

    Oh no I don’t. He didn’t know it at the time, but I just wanted to hear it again! Hah! That was for you, Holbo…!! (Convincing, wasn’t I?)

  9. Um, Cleaner you need to go back and listen to the music after the first segment…you owe the Parson an apology and an apple-tini. Or other beverage of his choice.

    Great show as usual, guys. Really enjoyed the Bill Maher segment (I agree, there is hope), and definitely hope to hear more from Allen West in 2011.

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