Uncommon Show Webcast – February 17, 2011


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1. Intro – Boys Wrestling Girls – Is It Right? – Big Argument

2. Carla Emil Has AN Idea! – How To Create Jobs – O.J. Gets Beat – Charlie Sheen Is a GENIUS

3. Ron Paul vs. Kiran Chetry – Liberal Gibberish – Answering Impossible Questions

4. More Paul vs. Chetry – Sounds A Lot Like Serene Branson – Helen Thomas Is Still SPEAKING! – Chopping Up Israel Some More – The Rocks & The Trees

5. Wisconsin Is Rioting – Governor Scott Walker Is No Chris Christie – Stuart Varney Smacks Down – Organizing For America

6. Uncommon Interview With South Carolina Congressional Candidate Alvin Greene

7. Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson OWNS Morning Joe & Mika – A Real Analysis Of What’s Happening In Egypt

8. Tea Party Sends Wisconsin Dems Running Back Home! – More With Niall Ferguson – Where Has Revolution Ever Worked Other Than In America? – But It Might Work *There*

9. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Norah Or Kiran? – Bill Maher Second Guesses President Obama – If Obama Is A ‘Centrist’ Christian, What Is A LIBERAL Christian? – Obama Is Centrist In The Same Manner That Rev. Wright Is A Centrist – Religion In Politics – Who Has Faith In Congress?

10. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – Day Of Rage – An Ambush On The Cleaner! – The Parson Gets Re-Ambushed! – Luke’s Nuggets – Justin Bieber Is Pro-life, But… – Live From The Revolution! – Chris Rock On Tea Partiers – Famous Comedians – Kick Ass 2 – Dark Shadows


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