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1. Intro – Bears vs. Packers – The Parson Picks The Bears? – Trash Talking – Laurie Higgins Apologies To/For Not Being Able To Make It – Next Week, The Vagina Dance – Coming Up… – How Did That Illinois Tax Hike Come About, Anyway? – My Favorite Martian – Fake State Rep Kathy Moore – Why Are We Still In Illinois, Again?

2. Slow Turning – Boston Baked Beans – “I Have Nipples, Greg, Can You Milk Me?” – Aka Pygmies – The PLO Flag Flew In D.C. This Week – Kicked Out Of Segovia – The Parson Just Won’t Shut Up! – Correct Your Thomas Nelson Bibles, Please – Katy Perry vs. Madonna – Katy Perry Is A DEVOUT Christian! – “Bustiers” – Communist Quotes Line Chicago Public School Hallway – Alexander Graham Bell School – American Idol

3. Led Zeppelin IS he Greatest Band EVAH – Please, Thank You & I’m Sorry – The Parson’s Great High School Story – What’s The Murder Capital Of The Country? – 41% Of All New York City Pregnancies Are Ending In Abortions – Philadelphia’s Mass Murderer, Kermit Gosnell – Obama Voted AGAINST The ‘Infant Born Alive Act’ – The Parson Begins To Set The Cleaner Up – “The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend” – Cornering The Cleaner!

4. Talking Glenn Beck – Shall We Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater? – Stan Jones, True “Blue” American! (Look Him Up) – What Does Beck REALLY Know About Mormonism? – What Should We Expect Of People, Including Beck? – The Parson Goes Off! – Is Glenn Beck A Liar? – The Best Glenn Beck Argument You Will Ever Hear

5. Gregg Allman – Encountering The Cults – The Cleaner’s Time With The Jehovah’s Witnesses – “That’s Not A Knife” – Witnessing To The Cults – John 1:1 – The Word Was *A* god? – Kinda Like ‘A Bronx Tale’ – Preparing For Your Encounter With The Cults

6. Dark Knight Award – Aaron Mrozik – A Real Gunpoint Robbery – Making A Hard Decision, On The Fly – “Click” – Three Times! – How The Story Ends – Why A Christian Can Defend With Confidence – Aaron Is Batman! – Comments On The 2nd Amendment – Gimme Three Steps!

7. Interview With Pastor Al Cleveland, Pt. #1 – Martin Luther King Day Illinois Family Institute Press Conference – Homosexual Agenda – ‘After The Ball’ – ‘Black’ Pastors Only Matter If They Are FOR Homosexual Rights – Dr. King Was A PREACHER First! – *Real* Protesters That Made The Front Page Of The N.W. Herald – Dopey Tree Huggers!

8. Interview With Pastor Al Cleveland, Pt. #2 – Why Did No One Come? – The Brainwashing Of African-American Pastors – “Just Talk About Jesus” – A Pastor Cleveland Rant! – Cowardice Masquerading As Self Righteousness – Knowledge Requires A Response – Are You Attending A Soviet Union Ready Church? – Inviting Pastor Cleveland To Church This Sunday! – Letter From A Birmingham Jail – Censoring Christian TV – Pastor Al Is A Smooth Dresser!

9. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – It’s Garbage! – My Favorite Atheist, (Almost) Ricky Gervais – The Golden Globes – Ricky Gervais Tears It Up! – Could Don Rickles Still Work Today? – Ah, The Good Ol’ Days Of Dean Martin’s Celebrity Roasts! – What, Who’s Hosting The Academy Awards This Year???

10. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – The King’s Speech – Luke Pans It, We Don’t – The Social Network – ‘Best Small Role In A Major Motion Picture’ – Luke’s Nuggets – A Parting Shot From Ricky



  1. OMGosh Aaron! I was chopping vegetables while listening to your segment, and had to put the knife down, sit down, and listen until you were done. Your mission here on Earth has obviously not been accomplished yet. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Thank you so much, Aaron, for sharing your story (listen to #6, my friends!). What a warrior you are!

  3. Here’s the link to which the Cleaner refers, entitled, “Crook County Illinois: Fake State Rep Casts Deciding Vote to Raise Our Taxes”:

  4. Scariest virgin for a Muslim: Sandra Bernhard…. also any unsaved Irish girl. More later if I can suffer the thought process.

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