Sticky: Uncommon Sense Webcast – January 6, 2011

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1. Intro – Where’s My Donna Summer? – Reality TV – 20% Of Nothing Leaves Nothing – Pulling An “Inception” – Show & Tell – “It’s The Crabs, They’re The First Seal!”

2. MGMT Kids – Palate Cleanser – “Wipes With 2 Squares” – Jam CDs – Batman & Nightrunner(?) – Katie Couric’s Wish & Complaint – Reminiscing About Cosby – Marry A Muslim, Katie

3. Born On The Bayou – Ducks Suck – Janet Medford – Her Guest Ben Wirtherington – Thous Shalt Not WHAT…?

4. More On Babbling Ben – He Can Be Gandhi – Letter To Janet – WYLL IS The Problem Now – Janet Was Invited On The Show – What Do These Folks Do With The Book Of Revelation, Anyway? – Glenn Beck Doing What Should Be Done When The Guest Really Sucks

5. John Edwards Update – Ryan Seacrest Is 5′ 8″!! – Alec Baldwin Running For Public Office? – Ted Vs. Roseanne – Presidential Potentials – Boring Chat On Illinois & Bonds

6. More Ted Vs. Roseanne – Why Do Liberals Always Trust The Government To Do With Their Money What They Apparently Are Unable To Do Themselves?

7. Hits Vs. Albums – 1971 Vs. 2010

8. Final Thoughts On Albums – Oh Yeah, Back To Ted Vs. Roseanne – Sarah Palin’s ‘Highest & Best Use’ – The Brilliance Of Roseanne Barr – “Mudflap?” – Hell’s Harem

9. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt.#1 – Why Are Animals Just Dropping Dead? – A Dead Brett Favre – Dating Stories

10. Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt.#2 – (Some Spoilers) True Grit – Nuggets – Ouija Boards



  1. Argh! The more you play of this Witherington idiot the more my blood pressure rises. This man serves a different God than I know.

  2. Janet Medford! UNBELIEVABLE!

    Way to go Parson! Keep it up brothers!

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