Uncommon Sense Webcast – December 9, 2010

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1. Intro – Suzy Snowflake – Christmas/Birthday Gifts – Nosy Cleaner – 2nd Grader Indoctrination

2. Hardrock, Coco & Joe – 4 Principles – Take the Bible Literally Where It Is Literal – The Bible Is An Objective Book, Not Subjective – Rightly Dividing – Christians Do Not Replace Israel

3. Remembering Bill Clinton vs. George Clinton – Were Works Ever Necessary For Works? – Berean Searchlight’s ‘Full Assurance?’ – How Many Times Does God Have To Declare A Person Righteous? – Things That Differ, A Grace Believer’s ‘Constitution’

4. A Dissed President – Salvation Via Grace Or Works? – Were Works “Required” – How Many Works? – For How Long? – What If You ‘Miss’ A Work?

5. Thief On The Cross – Romans Chapter – Abraham & David – James 2 vs. Hebrews 11 – Placing The Law In It’s Proper Place

6. Brother Stage’s Last Stand! – Romans 9 & 3 – Galatians 2 & 3 – Does Law = Works? – Sanctification – How To Be Saved – How To Be Sanctified – How to STAY Save?

7. How To Stay Saved – Born Again – New Creation – Is The Bottle ‘The Mistress?’

8. Dark Knight Award – The Baltimore Orioles’ Luke Scott – Closing Comments – Saved To Serve, Not Saved In Bondage To Work



  1. lukehamilton /

    Looks like all the segments are loaded now, but Segment 1 doesn’t start at the beginning. Sounds like it begins where you guys had already been talking for awhile. Probably not vital, just letting you know..

  2. davesteiger /

    Hi Ray,

    I am aware that part 3 gets hacked before it’s time, must be an Islamic conspiracy or something. Methinks the Parson hit the ‘end segment button’ without knowing it, but we’ll check into it tomorrow at church.


    Thank you kindly for those encouraging words. We didn’t mean to offend, just to alert and correct, hopefully mission accomplished.



  3. Artskoe /

    Brilliant teaching, Gentlemen! If I may, I submit Genesis 1-3 to prove faith alone by God’s grace alone…After he sinned, Adam found it IMPOSSIBLE to instrumentally or essentially perform his assigned “good work,” which was to tend the garden. Genesis 3:15 records that Adam was informed of the Mediator to come. Thank the LORD! That is our permanent praise report, and THE “Thing That Differs.”

  4. Hey guys,

    Part 3 is cut off… if you could reupload that, that would
    be great…

    Thanks again!

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