Sticky: Uncommon Sense Webcast – December 2, 2010

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1. Intro – The Cleaner’s Odd Moment Of Generosity – Dealing With Chicago Street People – Update On The Facepal Pastor – Projection

2. Uncommon Interview With Curtis Bowers – The Movie ‘Agenda’ – How Did We Get Here? – Is It Too Late? – David Noebel – Summit Ministries – “Just A Passin’ Through” – Winning The San Antonio (Christian) Film Festival Award – Coming World Changes – Who’s To Blame? – Who & What IS President Obama? –

3. “Here Comes Hanukkah” – Kwanzaa Is Dead – Rick Warren’s PEACE Plan – Bad Ministries, Bad Pastors – Call Them What They Are

4. Christmas Music – Mariah’s Mother – Jessica’s Bad Christmas Song – Quality Time With Mrs. Cleaner – CMA Country Christmas – Steve Johnson – ‘Dropped’ Christianity – A Little Garth Brooks – Atheists Vs. God Haters

5. Brother Stage Is A Monogamist – Sheryl Crow Lost Her Pad – Jimmeh Cahtah SPEAKS – Iranian Nuke Scientists & Putin – No Such Thing As Moderate Muslim – Sheik Abu Adam – Liberals Are Afraid Of Everything – An Uncommon Solution

6. Brain On Liberal – Illinois State Senator Rickey Hendon – A Failed Faith – Argument Ad Populum – Sandy Rios & DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell)

7. The Smithsonian’s “Ant-Christ Art Exhibit” – Ken & Conservative Barbie – Blake Gopnik – Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That – I Can Understand Why Muslims Get So Angry! – Any Room Here For A Fatwa? – Logical Fallacies – Show The Gay Pride Parade On TV

8. “Fer Elisa” – Pseudo-Conservatives – Blue Bloods – Idiot Whoopi On The Japanese – Joe Scarborough Is An Elitist Punk

9. Rodin’s Thinker – 5 Card Stud – Antrell Rolle – WikiLeaks – Mascots – More WikiLeaks – President Obama’s Approval Rating – What Does It All Mean?


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  1. Artskoe /

    Good show! I have a challenge for ya’ll: is it time to schedule some opposition for a on-air debate? That would be a great show.

    Thanks for pointing us to Curtis. Indies are taking the place of true news journalists (see Border Wars, Expelled) and they are the pioneers of today.

    Also, are we considering 2 shows a week? Sometime things happen on Friday that I’d love to hear the comments sooner.

    Keep up the good works. You know, the anti-Christian artwork does prove one thing-that we are, for the most part, a peace loving people who will not run you out of town on a rail, even if you shove it in our faces. We just quietly and firmly tell you to take it down, especially if it is on our dime. Being at peace is a badge of honor, but make no mistake, our muskets lean next to us “at the ready to defend.”


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