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Dear Uncommon Listeners,

I struggle with the holidays, something you probably know if you are a frequent listener of the show. In fact, I was dreading our annual visit to my sister in-law’s today, but actually the whole thing went pretty well.

No Liberal chat, and (as is normally the case), I was requested to pray over the meal, which I did, and that seemed to bring us closer together, if even for a few moments. Prayer has that capability. We got to speak with our middle daughter (Becca), who’s about to leave for Afghanistan, our eldest daughter (Amy) and our Hannah, who was beside me all day, it seemed. The food was good, too, my brother in-law is a master chef, a trait I generally don’t find desirable in men, but when it benefits me, heck, who am I to argue? Watched a little bit of some football games. It was a good day.

And so, because our Pastor (the Uncommon Parson) has made it a habit lately to mention those things for which he is grateful, today I felt moved to do the same thing. I present to you a ‘Cleaner Thanksgiving List,’ and hope that you had yours in mind, as well.

Cleaner’s Top 10 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving:

1. I am very thankful, and still utterly amazed, that I am dead to sin and free to serve God through Christ my Savior.

2. I am thankful for my family. My wife, Susan, my beautiful …little daughter Hannah (my Bucket!), Amy, (where are you, anyway, Lil’ Buddy?) and all of you, near and extended. They stick by a numchuck like me, knowing who and what I am.

3. I am thankful for my daughter, Rebecca. I love you so much, Baby, and am so very proud of you. I miss you. Don’t we always most miss the ones we know are far beyond our reach?

4. I am thankful for my church, the most completely sound assembly I know, with a great man shepherding us. Thank you, Pastor John.

5. I am thankful for our liberty. Yes, we still have it, despite all the moaning & groaning to the opposite. (Heck, just listen to our show, and try to imagine us on anywhere or anything in Castro’s Cuba, Chavez’s Venezuela, Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea, etc., seriously.)

6. I am thankful for my health, which has been increasing since January 1, 2009. I think we’ll hit the basement gym before the festivities begin, in fact!

7. I am thankful to be employed, and that through my firm others are also gainfully employed. I wish we could do more, but we’re still here, making it day by day.

8. I am so grateful to have true friends. Friends like Jim Harper, John Kirkwood, Fast Eddie, and so many others (I hope you know who you are) that it would take more space than I have to write them all down. It is a blessing to count as many people as I can as genuine friends.

9. I am grateful for the abundance of information (literally) available at my fingertips. Books, Bibles, websites, blogs, cell phones – all the things that we take for granted. In any other age we’d be at the mercy of local papers and/or Walter Cronkite, but today I can gather up all the data there is, dwell on it, and make my own decisions as to what most represents reality. “…so that they are without excuse…”

10. I am so very thankful Michelle Obama said it was okay for us to eat pie today!

11. (Mainly for Brother Stage, who knew I had more than 10…) I am grateful the Good Lord put enough brains into my cranium to keep me from anything remotely resembling a place of commerce tomorrow!

If I have forgotten anything and anyone, I am thankful for your forgiveness!


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody….


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  1. Artskoe /

    An Uncommon Thanks giving! Thank you, Cleaner, and enjoy the rest of the weekend…


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