Sticky: Uncommon Sense Webcast – November 18, 2010

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1. Intro – Refudiate! – Facebook Legalism – Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Legalism vs. Grace On Facepal – BIG Argument – Lock Those Daughters Up Till The Next Election Is Over!

2. Cool Riffs – NASCAR – Hip-Hop Prayer Book – Psalm 23 – Disastrous Bible Translations – Psalm 100 – Dido – For Bro. Longshanks

3. Mormons Go Goofy – The Holy Underwear – Marie Osmond Still Rocks! – Cher Disses Kim – WLS Does The WORST Back To Back News Stories – Privates Stack & A Burnt Wedding Dress – The Cleaner’s Idea Of A Killer Friday Night – Shooting Your TV – Talking Steve Cowan Down – Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Gay!

4. More Holy Underwear – Mormons & Hoarding – Survival Seeds – Proper Apocalypse Planning

5. Uncommon Guest, Jeanette Ward! – More Psalm 23 – “Ted Baxter” – Talking Election Fallout – On “Fair & Balanced” – Death Penalties & People With A “Rev.” In Front Of Their Names

6. Red Pentagram – Psalm 109:08 – Old Testament Or New? – Demonic Activity – The World’s View Of Christ Vs. The Real Christ – Thoughts For The Next Election

7. – Why Michael Savage Is Always Crabby – Who’s #3 On The Radio? – Sean Hannity Is #098 – “Supersize Me” – Gavin Newsom ISN’T Gay, Either – Cougars – What Would You Do If You Were Single? – Have You Seen Bridget Bardot Lately?

8. A Shout Out To Katie (Creed) – A Shout Out To Charlie! (Lemmy & Rage) – Thanksgiving – Spending Thanksgiving With Our REAL Family – Thanksgiving Prayer

9. Attacks On The First Amendment – To Text, Or Not To Text – Senator Rockefeller Hates The 1st Amendment, Too – We NEED MSNBC On That Wall! – Who Wants Censoring

10. Dark Knight Award – Cody Alicea, A Kid With Guts & A Flag On His Bike – Bikers With Guts, Too!

11. “The Rage Against God” – Peter & Christopher Hitchens – A Quick Glance At The Religion Of “Peace, Love & Tolerance” – The Hajjers Hates Jews & Americans – Westboro Baptists Go To Dearborn – Slumlord Mosque-Maker – Australian Muslims Get Serious – Burkas Get A TSA Pass

12. Muslims Want To Rewrite Farm History, Now, Too – Go Alvin Greene! – Shout Out To A Soon To Return Pal



  1. Bill Ward /

    You almost got there. Let me tell you the dream ticket for 2012. The more you think about it the more perfect it becomes:
    Chris Cristy with Sarah Palin as VP – that is a tag team that could win big.

  2. davesteiger /

    Our pleasure. We are here to serve, protect, entertain and for sure keep our listeners’ spirits up!




  3. Cleaner and Parson-

    It was fun (as always), and yes, you DID cheer me up. :-) Thanks for having me on the show.

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