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Intro – Tsunami Tuesaday Is HERE..!! – Tuesday Gone

They’re Dropping Like Flies – Super-Tsunami – Pastor Al Cleveland Chimes In – Why The Disconnect? – Are We To Be Socially Active, Or Act Like We’re Just A Passin’ Through?

Chris ‘Tingle’ Matthews Has A Moment Of Sobriety – Obama an “Elitist?”

More Updates – DeMint May have Caused The “Incession,” But He Just Beat Alvin Greene! – Christ Matthews Has Another Moment Of Clarity – Arianna Huffington? Not So Much – Major Media & Coupons – Sanity Tour? Really? – Cat ‘Yusuf Islam’ Stevens Likes Fatwa

Uncommon Call In – Sister Mystery Christian – Converting A Liberal To A Conservative – Illinois Family Institute – Voter’s Guide – Espousing Christian Values – When It Doesn’t Come From A Nut

A Kinder, Gentler, Jon Stewart? –

Update With Jeanette Ward – Go Sharron! – What’s Barney Frank’s Strategy?

Psalm 118:9 –

A Call From David Axelrod – Uncommon Visit With Pastor Artskoe – Election Recap –



  1. I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea shore and diverting himself and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell that ordinary while the greater ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.

  2. Du meinst, ich hätte in dem Beitrag erwähnen sollen, dass beim zweiten Draufsitzen die Nähte geplatzt sind? Nein, Spaß. Natürlich sind sie das nicht. Hätte der Sitzsack einen Mangel gehabt oder währe er sonst irgendwie in Ungnade gefallen, hätte ich das erwähnt.

  3. Olá MC. Obrigado pela ‘publicidade’… ehehehAinda não me sinto capaz de escrever na língua de nuestros hermanos… lá irei, assim espero.Por enquanto, só em português.Um beijo

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  18. Gee willikers, that’s such a great post!

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