Sticky: Uncommon Sense Webcast – October 28, 2010

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Intro – An Uncommon Poll – The Cleaner’s Closet – Oldest Guy On Fox News – What’s Coming Up

MAJOR Mocking Of The Cleaner – Tiny Tim Story – New Sponsor – Four Loko – Say No To REAL Drugs – Drugs & Menopause – Mail From Nutters

An Unconventional List – The Clintons Are Geniuses – Operation Reverse Chaos – Bad First Names – Best Car Of All Time

John McNaughton Artwork – Lousy Grade School Test – Election Predictions – Freaky Deaky Election Numbers? – Elena Kagan’s First Vote As A Supreme Court Justice

Top 100 Names In America – Mohammad Off The Charts – Adolph Is Dead – Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown

Revisiting Great Britain – Great Music The Carpenters – Joy Brayhard Vs. Sharron Angle – Do We Have To Finish This Segment? – Projection – Any Benefit To The Left Being Themselves?

Close To You – Sermon On The Mount & President Obama – Back Of The Bus – He IS The Messiah! – A Lot Of Chat – Heaping Coals Vs. Dead Fishes

“President Obama, What Is Good In Life?” – Why Does The Tea Party Exist? – “Pledge To America” – The Real Problem

10 Point Contract FROM America – The First 5 Points

10 Point Contract From America – The Final 7 Points – Separating The Secular From The Spiritual?

Immigration “Reform?” – The Parson’s Solution, And It’s Outstanding – Recapping The 10 (12) Point Contract FROM America

Theological Segment – Mark Farner, A Strong Believer – Baptism – Recommending Dave Hunt’s Creator, Cosmos & Human Destiny

Hamming It Up With Hamilton – The Parson Tells An Oliver North Story – Luke’s Nuggets – The Cleaner’s Neat Idea For Sunday School – Tsunami Tuesday Election Night Party – A Song For a Friend Feeling A Bit Down



  1. Sister Mushy /

    I love the Carpenters! Its a shame some can not appreciate her talent just because it doesn’t have speed metal riffs and a double bass drum!
    I just want to say 2 things concerning your shoes:
    1. Thank you: now my hubby can’t hassle me for having only 10 pairs of shoes, nor can he make fun of me for liking my shoes in different colors! I don’t think you broke the ‘man code’ either.
    2. um… Fish boots? In all your 25 or 30 pairs of shoes, do ya gots any fish boots?

    The reason why God chose women to go through menstrual cycles, childbirth and menopause is because, In His infinite wisdom, the Lord knew men could not handle it… don’t even there about how you felt like you went through labor because of your gluten issues… that doesn’t happen once a month or everyday for years. (unless you’re a masochist).
    I would be careful about how you talk about women in menopause. I would watch your back, grasshopper!

    All I can say about this current president and his Marxist friends is this… I pray they come to know Jesus Christ as their savior. Wouldn’t want to be them at the white thrown judgment! Im humbled that I won’t be in that line!

    Parson. I LOVE your immigration reform! You have my vote. When are you going to run for Senate?

    great insight on Israel and the Red Sea!
    Love your theological segments.

    Im excited about tues. This is only the beginning. It’s what we do w/ our victory that will be the real victory!
    Sharron is a classy women. What a perfect response to Joy-less’ hate speech!

    As always, enjoy the show.
    see you guys Tsunami Tuesday!
    Your sister

  2. lukehamilton /

    Okay, I have to revise my prediction (in light of my tie with another entry). I believe that we will pick up 77 seats. +68 in the House and +9 in the Senate. Final answer.

  3. Loved the segment on Sharron Angle and Joy Behar (of course)!

  4. davesteiger /

    To all,

    The Cleaner apologizes for calling Meg Whitman (currently running for governor of California against Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown) by another famous Whitman, Christine Todd-Whitman during the show. I must assume all responsibility, yet at the same time am stunned that the know-it-all Parson failed to catch my error!



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