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Levels – Viva Le France! – Mystery Rush Poster – Upcoming Debate

Pearl Harbor – Man Rules – What Is ‘Ghoul, Anyway?’ – Dating Your Friend’s Former Girlfriend – A Cleaner Trip Down Memory Lane – An Initial Eye Opening Experience With Alternative Lifestyles

Jonah Goldberg – Communication Breakdown – Helen Rittelmeyer & Todd Seavey Air Dirty Laundry – Hitch

Biggie Smalls & Pimp Daddy – Passing On Seeing The Birth Of Your Children – Should I Stay OR Should I Play? – The ‘No Fun League’ – Hitting To Hurt – Old School – ‘Gool’, SOLVED! –

Steve Vai & Yngvie Malmsteen – A Hilarious Moment – More On Being There – A ‘Teaching Hospital’ – The Parson Reminisces – The Parson Gets Cleaner Mushy

Bad Stereo Tracks – An Uncommon Contest – Top 10 People With Whom You’d Like To Spend An Evening – More On Should I Stay Or Should I Play?

Taking Out The Musical Years 1967 Through 1974 -Theological Segment – When Is It Justice vs. Revenge? – Romans 13 – Cities Of Refuge – Canada’s Good Contribution – Don’t Mess With The Cleaner’s Daughter – Death Of The Mega-Church – The Crystal Cathedral

Constitutional Ignorance – Christine O’Donnell vs. The Public Educational System & A Bearded Marxist – Ugh, Rachel Maddow – Ugh, Some Unknown Liberal Bimbette – Obama Leaving Out ‘By The Creator’ – Mark 8:38

Article 7 Of The Constitution – “Year Of Our Lord” – Party Like It’s 1773 – Learning Alinskyism – Reading Your Enemies Manuals

A Party Known As ‘The Rent Is Too Damn High Party’ – Jimmy McMillan – The ‘Secret’ Handshake – Alternative Tells

Bruce Springspocket – Prince Of The Power Of The Northwest – Top 25 Conservative Movies – Who Ever Starts With #1? – Dissecting The List – Luke’s Nuggets – The Parson Goes KJO!! – Sports & Taxes – Reality TV



  1. Sister Mushy /

    Diva & CF
    ok… starting w/ a compliment because I love you guys and you crack me up. I look forward to listening to your crazy edutainment!

    Diva – stealing others girls is slimy. You are a true Diva… Even as a kid you thought you were all that and a bag of slim jims…
    I can excuse you because you were unsaved and you repented of your evil ways. CF cannot hold that against you…
    Steve Vai and Yngwie Malsteen are brilliant. Its ashame you don’t appreciate them.
    CF- Beautiful renditions of Over The Rainbow!!!

    On the other hand…

    CF – you hold your position on playing football while your wife bares your progeny, as a saved man… Not only as a saved man, BUT as a Pastor. I see your argument has some holes in your logic.
    1. You preach from the Word of God that relationships are what are important, Christ being most important.
    When God said ‘whatever you do, do w/ all your heart and do it unto the Lord’ DID NOT MEAN YOU PLAY FOOTBALL WHILE YOUR WIFE IS PUSHING OUT YOUR LITTLE GIFT FROM GOD!!! (please read this w/ your high ‘ambush, gotcha’ voice. thank you)
    2. You are full of it. You made a strong argument that men shouldn’t have to be there to watch their wives turn into satan, BUT YOU WERE THERE… So does that mean you were against it, before you were for it??? hum???
    The only thing that saves you is that I feel sorry for you that you do have a hard time w/ other people’s blood… I am squeamish too :) And that fact that in the end, you were there for all 3 births. You are a mush bag. No matter how macho you try and be. Face it CF, you are a pushover.
    One more thing CF… What is with the homey music??? I don’t like the B96 house music… Yuck.

    I’m sad that they laughed at Christine O’Donnell… This is one reason why America is struggling. We have forgotten who we are and what we are go fight for. They lack understanding. Praise God that He is in control and we know the outcome. He will redeem everything. Can’t wait… can’t wait!!!

    Obama leaving out ‘By the Creator’ is another sign of our post-Christian era. I pray almost everyday that we ‘as the Body of Christ’ will remain faithful, at all costs!

    Love you guys
    Keep up the good work.
    PS. LOVE your new Producer, Michastopholies, except for one thing: he think the king of rock n roll, Elvis, is over rated. Please learn him up on this.
    Thank you
    Sister Mushy

  2. lukehamilton /

    Pimp Doobie?? haha

    Parson, it’s the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. It’s not Nancy Boys or Hardy Drew. C’mon, you’re double-agent status is slipping through. Can you name the infield for the Murderers’ Row?

  3. John Kirkwood /

    In a funny twist, it seems to be only men who find anything in my opinion to criticize. Go back to your Oprah book club Nancy Boys.

  4. davesteiger /

    Bro. Stage,

    Great comments, but let’s put one thing into perspective: I gave myself the name ‘Cleaner’ many moons ago, the others were wonderful gifts from you and the Pparson. These other numchucks, Pimp Doobie, P-Dummy, Busta Biggie, etc..? They did that to themsevles!!



  5. lukehamilton /

    Oh man. I don’t know who came out looking worse in this episode! Here are some first-half comments..

    – Nobody (and I mean nobody!) can look a gift horse in the mouth like the Parson. He gets a Shush Stick and he mocks it. I think he’s just jealous that no one gives him gifts, Dave.

    – Whoopi Goldberg looks like an animated beanbag! YES!!

    – “Why do all these people have to have so many names??” says the man named Teacher, Cleaner, and Brother Octagon..

    – Wow, well there goes half of the listeners. Nice work, Johnny. Even the Great Santini couldn’t wait to get to the hospital when his son was being born! That is low, brother. Cleaner is spot on. Football happens 16 times a season. Even the Octomom doesn’t have 16 child-births a year. btw Papa Engalls boiled the water so that they could use it to cleanse the wounds created during natural birth, I would imagine. I don’t think it was just a stalling technique.

  6. Tina D /

    In no particular order
    1. Ronald Reagan

    2. Winston Churchill

    3. Ethan Allen

    4. Deborah (Judges)

    5. My late biological mother

    6. Erin Pizzey (for her work in the start of help for battered women but her opposition to radical feminism)

    7. Thomas Jefferson

    8. Laura Ingalls Wilder (for her opposition to FDR’s New Deal among other things)

    9. Benjamin Netanyahu

    10. Lydia (Acts)

  7. Here are my top 10 dinner invitees:

    1) Corrie Ten Boom

    2) Thomas Jefferson

    3) Sharron Angle (OK, I can have dinner with her now, but I would still invite her)

    4) Sarah Palin

    5) Michele Bachmann

    6) Deborah (of Judges 4 fame)

    7) Jael (of Judges 4 fame)

    8) My late brother, Eric

    9) David Barton

    10) Madeleine L’Engle

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