Sticky: Uncommon Sense Webcast – October 14, 2010

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Intro – We’re Back..!! – All About Secretariat – John Wayne Was Genghis Khan – Stupid Salon Review – The Parson’s Metrosexual Voice – God Brags On The Horse And Other Neat Animals – Batman & The Green Hornet – Who Can Play Bruce Lee?

Special Guest Jeanette Ward – Game Day For Sharron Angle – RNC & Tea Party – Avalanche Tuesday Party – If Artskoe Can Make It All The Way From Texas, Why Can’t You? – Illinois Military Ballots Filed Too Late – Jeanette Reads Her Thursday Prayer – What To Tell Christians Who Think You’re Too Political

Michelle Obama Wants Clean Spirits – Michelle Obama Caught Campaigning Inside A Polling Place – The Twilight Zone, Waking Up With Michelle

Brain On Liberal – Lawrence O’Donnell Interviews The Brilliant Alvin Greene – The Recession Is (Jim) DeMint’s Fault – God Isn’t A Republican, But The Devil Is A Democrat – Asking Alvin Greene Some Questions

A Confession – Talking The Vikings Vs. The Jets – Portraits Of Success – The Cleaner’s Drawing

Sucky Parson Music – The Cleaner Eats Like The Parson Looks – Separate Beds? -The Problem With Snoring – To Spoon Or Not To Spoon? – How Do Polygamists Handle That, Again..? – Alan Grayson SPEAKS

Defending The Chamber Of Commerce – Dissecting The Problem – Guilty Until Proven Innocent – NO October Surprises

Brother Stage Is Back – The WORST Version Of Mrs. Robinson Of All Time – Some Nuggets – Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy – Leo DiCaprio – The Parson IS BUSTED – Luke’s Newest Role – Variations On A Theme – A Song For Will…



  1. Yes, John, my prayer WAS certainly answered in a BIG WAY. Praise the Lord!

  2. Jessica Simpson /

    Romo Sucks. Go Brent Farv.

  3. Kim Kardashian /

    Go Miles, Go!

  4. John Kirkwood /

    Congrats Luke on Oregon; but can they sustain it. Artskoe, you’re just a trouble maker. Is your last name Kardashian. May the Favre forgive your insolence. Jeanette your prayer was answered for even liberal outlets are bemoaning Harry Reid’s performance. Will, I’m thinking of you as well but you’ve got to understand my frustration for when Cleaner goes Big Bopper. The guy takes his glasses off and I don’t recognize him anymore. I’m finally convinced that that’s why Clark Kent was never recognized. Did anyone notice how my partner shivved me for all the technical difficulties; giving a whole new meaning to “I got your back, bro”?

  5. Artskoe /

    THIS week, I want the Cowboys to win, but please don’t repeat that I said that, OK? Fortunately, Tony Dungy’s comments might just make them play with a little more heart than usual. However, Dez Bryant, their best player, is injured so they do have an excuse. I might watch this game as it is a must win for both teams, including the Kardashian with the Bentley.

    Is it me or has there been an unusual amount of weird rules found in the rule book just this year in the NFL? Remember the one Ditka used on a 60 yard field goal try on a fair catch after a kickoff just before half time?

    SO did the FDA say yes to Botox for migraines just for Percy?

    In the Octagon, Di Caprio loses to Kostner in 45 seconds. Care to give odds on other monster fights?

    BTW, is there an election going on or something?

    = ) Glad to hear Luke again!


  6. Will Wells /

    I must say for being off for a week you guys still have your eyes on the ball, and hit another homerun. Really made my late night train ride home enjoyable. Didn’t catch the 1st segment until this morning’s train ride due to your technical difficultities, but God bless the other movie goers that had to put up with you guys cracking each other up during the movie. Glad you enjoyed “date night”. Poor Hannah and Sue having to sit by you knuckleheads. Maybe you should have sat in the back row and chucked Juju beads or something to go full circle 1973.
    Loved the Uncommon spin and humor during the whole show, especially the Alvin Greene cause/fault for the “accession” stuff and the separate beds/snoring/spooning segments. Had me LOL and getting weird looks from the other train riders. Pretty solemn crowd at 10p on a Metra train.
    Great segment with Brother Stage, too! I’m looking forward to the movie about Reagan he mentioned. Let’s hope that some liberal director isn’t involved. And yes, I mean you Oliver Stone.
    Thanks for the “Sitting Here in Limbo” song and shout out Cleaner. Tell the Parson we’re not having a “Bro-mance”, you just know how much I’d rather be at Bible study than at my court ordered aftercare sessions for the next 12 weeks.
    Still waiting to hear the Uncommon perspective regarding Bill W. and 12-Steppers you mentioned in an intro several weeks ago, but perhaps best to wait until after the mid-terms. You’re going to have plenty of great material to fill the show, like the smackdown Sharon put on Harry. Wonderful segment with Jeanette BTW, and loved her prayer. Maybe you could do a “When Harry Met Sharon” take-off. :)
    Thanks for the smiles. A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance. Looking forward to next week’s show already.

  7. davesteiger /

    Okay, thank you all, the Cleaner has no cleaned up all the Parson’s errors, I checked them all. Yeesh, good help is so hard to find these days..!


  8. I don’t think the third link is quite functional either…might want to check.

  9. davesteiger /

    The first segment was a temporary bust, but it’s now fixed. The Parson, technical genius that he is, incorrectly labeled that segment, so my link was unable to ‘find’ it. Ain’t technology grand…?

    And thank you Sister Jeanette, always a pleasure to have you on, too. Next time I’ll gag the Parson until your prayer is all finished..!!



  10. Jeanette gets educated about the meaning of “Green Room”; learns something new every day. Thanks Parson and Cleaner! ;-). It’s a delight to be on your show.

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