Sticky: Uncommon Show Webcast – September 30, 2010

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Intro – Our Lunch – Where’s The FORKS? – The Cleaner Apologizes To Mrs. Parson – Starting Over – Our Favorite Marxists – Good & Bad Music

5 Love Languages – The Family Guy – Rush Limbaugh – True Fans – Exorcising The English Language

Three Dog Night – Was Willie Nelson Ever Young – Smoking Willie Nelson’s Hair – George Lopez Disses Obama – Uncommon Interruption – Pastor Cleveland SPEAKS – Clergy Behaving Badly – A Prophetic Utterance – New Gospel Coming – (A Song For The King Of The Art Of Barter!)

Jeff Beck’s Bass Player – Jeet Kune Do – Discussion On Weapons – Bill Maher Vs. Bill O’Reilly – Winning O’Reilly & Those Like Him – Pew Religious Survey

Taking The Pew Quiz – ANOTHER Uncommon Interruption – Obama’s Choice – Obama’s Testimony Dissected – “Chris Tingle” – Seeing God In Others – Moral Equivalency – (A Song For Will)

Obama The Muslim? – Ann Coulter SMACKS DOWN! – “Moozlems?” – The Parson Admits To A Fib! – “Meet The Democrats” – Mark Lamont The Dolt – “Rev.” Wright, Obama’s Role Model

Chris Tingle Defends Obama – Racists? – Politicians Talk Their Favorite Bible Verse – The Word

So, Bird Really IS The Word! – King Samir Shabazz – SPEAKS! – Feeding Babies To Alligators – Still Hating Crackers – “Fox Jews” – Bob Beckel Vs. Pam Geller

Pumping Iron – Rush Limbaugh Goes Theological – Dave Hunt’s Creator, Cosmos & Human Destiny – DNA & The Painter’s Palate – Genetic Code & Information – Loss Of Information, Not The Addition Of It – Darwinism LEADS To Atheism – Punctuated Equilibrium

Catholics & Protestants Amongst The Evolutionists – Transitory Species – Steve Turner’s Creed – 20 Seconds To Sum Up The Argument

Beautiful Music – Finishing Rush’s Analysis – Self Esteem – Survival Of The Fittest & Homosexuality – Necessity, Chance Or Design? – Bad Jokes, For Brother Longshanks



  1. Quran (4:104) – “And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they (too) suffer pain as you suffer pain…”


    Visit this link to see photos taken when I met Donovan.

  3. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the Donovon/Art of Barter nod.

    Love Always,


  4. Katie Lang /

    My comment was premature. Forgive me Cleaner! The whole Egocentric Molecule mix up threw me off. After listening to a few more segments, I realized the error of my ways, the Cleaner’s music selection is truly quite choice.


  5. John Kirkwood /

    Thanks for the vote of support Katie, but you just broke your boys heart. I never did get to the gay cupcakes segment. Next week.

  6. The Cleaner /

    Parson? Music? BACK? Oh, may it never be…!!



  7. Artskoe /

    DJ Larry Lujack and the Silver Dollar Survey on WLS – clear channel heard throughout USA and North America. Myth or truth – did he tell a dirty joke that got him fired? Answer correctly and you win 50 silver dollars!

    “Edgey” show guys – The Parson had to calm himself down once his cough took over (sorry for that). The only thing I missed was the word ‘uncommon.’ Are ya’ll evolving? = )

    O’Reilly (Irish) really allows spin these days, and Beck (German) should pin him down on that. Someone (global) should…he’s good at marketing his stuff to the folks, though.

    ~Artskoe (Texican – by choice, because of the precepts of Sam Houston, Davey Crockett, William B Travis and a just a few others…)

  8. Glad to see you’ve re-gained your edge! ;-P

  9. Katie Lang /

    Parson! Come back! We need you at the bumper music controls pleeazze!!!

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