Uncommon Show Webcast – September 23, 2010

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Intro – A New Wall At The Southern Border! – A Special Guest – Decline Of The Media

A Visit Jeanette Ward – A Wonderful Prayer – The Word Socialism Has Lost Its Meaning – Update On Sharron Angle – True Commitment

Psalm 109:8 – Imprecatory Prayer – Jeanette’s Background With Sharron – Harry Reid’s Desperate Attempts – You Might Be a Domestic Terrorists If… – President Obama & Israel – MoveOnReid.com – Obama Is Out Of Touch With People – WASHINGTON Is Out Of Touch! – The Cleaner Speechless

Dick Turban – Thought For The Day – Beck’s Coming Undone! – Error Correcting & Discernment

Season Of The Witch – Christine O’Donnell – Are Witches & Genies The Same? – Paul Lynde & The Hollywood Squares – Bono And His 1% – Never Heard “One” – Bono BEATDOWN – Bruno Viskochovitch – Televangelists Aren’t That Bad

Real Names For Rock Stars – What People Do When You’re Not Looking – Jimmeh Cahtah Is The Best Ex-President EVAH – What’s Happened To The Peanuts? – I Can Eat 52 Eggs? – Katy Perry Derails Kevin Jennings

I Can Eat 50 Eggs – Car Wash Scene – Chris Christie Smacks Down Again – Obama GETS Smacked Down – It Only Begins On November 3rd – Governor Chrisite Cleans Planned Parenthood’s Clock

Theological Segment – 1st Timothy 4:1-2 – Mass Humiliation For Political Criminals – Deceived & Being Deceived

9/11 Was An Inside Job, So Says A Noted Insane Dictator – Van Jones Has A Plan – A 4 Minute Clip Of Socialism’s Greatest Hits – Tax Talk

Brain On Liberal – A Sooper Dooper Smart College Professor Talking About God Only Knows What – Michel “Pepe Le Pew” Foucault – A Shout Out To Jesse Jr. – Time To Get Out Of Afghanistan – Sore Loser’s Epitaph – Sesame Street Finds A Way To Increase Viewership



  1. Katie Lang /

    I love Jeanette on the show!!! Fantastic show Cleaner and Parson, simply fantastic. Jeanette is by far a modern day Deborah, a gifted prayer warrior indeed. Segment 5 made me laugh out loud soo many times I had to take a break from the show to get back to work!

  2. Hey, thanks Gordon! You are very kind.

  3. The Cleaner /

    Classic stuff, Artskoe, CLASSSIC!

    We love our Jeanette, too..!!



  4. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner /

    Jeanette Ward is a breath of fresh air. Her presence in the Uncommon studio was like a rose in a garden of cactus. It’s about time you guys invited a Deborah. More Jeanette please.
    Great show; stayed up until 3 A.M. listening. I do miss Uncle Arthur in the center square and Bono does deserve a blanket party. Remember when he boasted that he dodged Bush on stage even though he admitted W. did more for Africa than any other President. I knew he was a phony the moment I read that. On the Beck thing I submit to you George Washington reading Thomas Paine to the troops. Glad the devout Christian, Father of our Country didn’t “throw the baby out and leave us bathwater.”
    P.S. Katy Perry could never have played the CarWash scene in Cool Hand Luke. Possibly Jessica Simpson, maybe even Meghan Fox. Just Saying. And by the way, I’m starting http://www.blanketpartyforbono.com tomorrow.

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