Sticky: Uncommon Show Webcast – September 16, 2010

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Intro – Inez Sains & Yes, We’re For Burkas (In Certain Instances) – Michelle Isn’t So Proud Of Her Country Anymore – Carla Bruni – Inez Sains Is A Guy Magnet – Ring Girls – Miserable Michelle – Stupid O’Reilly

Keeping Women Chained – Obama Invading The Public Schools – The Cleaner Reacts – Ed Schultz Wants YOUR Kid To Be Indoctrinated – Kevin Jennings – “Being Different”

Fidel Castro Is No Liar! – NOT Minding Your Magistrates – Do Not Just “Pass On Through” – Sticking Your Head In The Sand

A Town Without Pity – Bob Schieffer vs. John Boehner – More Cowbell – Chris Christie is KING!!

America’s Temper Tantrum – Christine O’Donnell – “Stick!” – Who’s Really Motivated To Vote? – Some Old Friends

Christine O’Donnell Drove Karl Rove Off The Reservation – Rush Limbaugh Was Not Pleased With Rove – Neither Was Michelle Malkin – Let’s 1st Samuel 15 Them Come November

Jimi – “Checkpoint Bravo” – The Cleaner Gets Ordained – ‘Rev.’ Barry Lynn & Ed Schultz – Those Crazy Christian Radicals

More ‘Rev.’ Barry Lynn – All Religions Are Exclusive – Obama Hearts “Shelving”

Prince – What Rock Stars Should Do – What Charlie Daniels Does – Theological Segment – The Rapture – The Huffington Post’s John R. Coats – Is It Foolishness?

The KING – Theological Segment Continued – Three Things That Immediately Identify Unhealthy Christians – Sodom & Gomorrah Were Not Hospitable Enough – Richard Dawkins Pays Us A Visit

The Parson’s ‘Best of the Web,’ The Tea Party Movement – The Uncommon Show’s Election Night PARTY!! – Join Us On Tuesday, November 2nd – The Parson Posits Plato – The Optimal Marriage Age For Women

Young Love – In Like Flynn – The Global Warming Goofs Go The Other Way – NBC Totally Understands Catholicism – Sister Christian Hillary – Obama Hearts the Qur’an – Taqiyya – Obama’s Muslim Faith – Islamic Contributions To Humanity – Derka Derka – Obama Mocks The Bible

Christ In The Qur’an Conference – The Illinois SAT Paradox – 1 Out Of 7 Americans In Poverty – Follow The Shirt – Josh Brolin Is Cheating On DIANE LANE? – One More Pitch For November 2nd



  1. The Cleaner /

    Hey Will!

    I’d like to give the Parson credit for some of the (good) music on the show, but unfortunately, I can’t. The Montrose was my choice, he hadn’t heard of good ol’ Ronnie prior. *Sigh* some people are just stuck on stupid – er – I mean, musically illiterate.

    Pray for him, and me, as I help him make him musically mature!

    Next week I’ll have some great new stuff, as well, no doubt the Parson will come around!




  2. the Parson /

    Well Parson Me, Cleaner
    No one is as sharp as you at picking up on dry humor (reader see page 658 in DSM IV; and remember the victim of NPD needs fuel to remain stable).
    Some Day after a leap in maturity I hope to begin to approach the Zenith of your wisdom.
    Artskoe, Keep your day job.
    Yours, The humorless, witless Parson

  3. Will Wells /

    Great show Parson and Cleaner!!! Agree completely with the Uncommon Show, Rush and Michelle. Rove threw himself under the bus. Enjoyed all the segments, and your musical intros and exits, especially the Montrose. Have you heard the news there’s good rockin’ tonight?

  4. davesteiger /

    Oh, I got it, but the Parson? He’s not as sharp as I!



  5. Artskoe /

    Pardon me, a dry sense of humor…I DIED laughing…Get it?

    I once had a Good Humor ice cream man that never smiled – it affected me all my life.



  6. Artskoe /

    Guys, please don’t mention me or call me anymore. I died laughing after the Dawkins call. Or…was I raptured…???


    PS GO BEARS! Beat the Arlington Cowboys! M-m-m-m-m Under Dog!

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