Sticky: Uncommon Show Webcast – September 9, 2010

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Intro – All Is Well, Opening Day Is Here! – The Parson’s Predictions – The Cleaner’s Wife’s 50th Birthday – The Parson Talk The Future – Cleaner’s Shout Out To Tank Girl, Mrs. Parson, and Lil’ Buddy

The Cleaner’s Qur’an Burning Rant

More On Islam – Hartford City Council – Abbas & PLO’s Position On Israel – Obama Feeling Like A Dog – Qur’anic Order & Continuity

Interview with Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth Pt. #1 – The Homosexual Agenda- Subsidizing Sin

Interview with Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth Pt. #2 – More Chat On The Advancement Of The Homosexual Agenda

Interview with Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth Pt. #3 – Civil Unions vs. Marriage – Majoring In The Minors – The Origin Of It All

A Bronx Time Capsule – Where Were You On 9/11? – What We Should Have Done After 9/11 – Renewing Vows?


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  1. Will Wells /

    Great show guys!! Liked your discussion of the Quran burning situation, and your 3 segment interview with Peter LaBarbera. Really like that guy, and your interview was very informative. Looking forward to checking out the Americans for Truth website. Finally, enjoyed D-MAC McFly returning in the DeLorean and talking to Bronx John on 10/11/01. Nicely done!
    Heard a while back on either Glenn Beck’s or Rush Limbaugh’s radio show about Sandy Rios and hosting Ann Coulter at The Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows at 730p on October 7th. Have you heard about it, and will you be sharing information about it on the show in the coming weeks? Know you both think highly of Sandy Rios, and Ann Coulter’s views are usually in-line with those of the Uncommon Show. Looking forward to getting back to GGF soon, and grateful for so I can attend the Bible Study’s remotely. God Bless!!

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