Sticky: Uncommon Show Webcast – September 2, 2010

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Intro – We’re Back! – Shout Out To “T” – Perfume As A Gift – Tornados While The Wizard Of Oz Is On – The Cleaner Reminisces

Afghanistan Banks – Meghan, Megyn & Megan – and Rosie

Kickin’ It With The Kardashians – Bruce Jenner?? – A History Lesson – Substitute Teachers – The Cleaner’s First Day Of 5th Grade

Horrible Music! – Ann Coulter On Barack Obama –

Chris Matthews Is A Love Struck Dolt

Snoopy Dance & Peanuts – Upcoming Election – Can We Be Too Confident? – Parson Says 60-10-10! – What Makes A Someone A Something? – Chuck Baldwin Did WHAT? – Wild, Rambling Chat – Uncommon Invitation – Election Night Party Tuesday November 2nd, COME AND JOIN US!

ZZ Top & Bikes – Fidel Has A Black Helicopter Theory – Miss Venezuela – Jimmy Cahtah To The Rescue! – Another Famous “Rescue”

Theology Segment – Money – The Love Of Money, The Love Of Self – Evaluating Your Pastor

Ground Zero Mosque – Islam & Muslims – A Prayer For Will

Hamming It Up (In The House) With Hamilton – Welcome Back Brother Stage! – Stage Or Film? – John Cusack Goes Bonkers – Neat Chat – War Chat – Brian Dennehy



  1. TankGirl /

    Just thought I’d let you know that you played your favorite band at the end of your first segment and that I now have Christmas ideas to get you this year. Also, maneater would be a terrible song for Ann Coulter, how could you compare her to that? These Boots Are Made For Walking is a really good song though, I wouldn’t mind that being her song, I’d even go for Cherry Bomb. However I’d go for like a combination of Joan Jett, Heart and Blondie, I’m sure they’d make a killer chicks rock song.

    Love you!

  2. Holly Shields /

    Great show guys! Even if the Cleaner did hijack much of it. The Linus & Lucy song makes up for the previous poor music choice. Parson needs to brush up on his Peanuts, though.

    Enjoyed the Cleaner’s retelling of his tumultuous first day of fifth grade. Sr. Maria Ann was just about the meanest woman ever. We used to make her so mad her face would turn purple.

    Already looking forward to the election night show, should be a blast!

  3. davesteiger /

    I didn’t realize the extent of my (theological) rant until it was all over. The Parson was very kind in stepping back, and I do appreciate others finding it meaningful.

    This subject bothers me at a deep level, mainly because it is duplicitous (even if sincerely approached) for a Believer to accept the notion that if he/she gives that God must (or will) be obligated to do something in return, if not more than what was originally “gifted.”

    I believe that many are losing small fortunes while others buy larger jets, and that just drives me batty!

    In retrospect we talked too much on this show (hopefully it was at least entertaining), and didn’t get to a lot of our topics, not the least of which was my newest most favoritest liberal professor. We’ll get to her next week, for sure!!



  4. The sound is much better!

    I am not sure that Miss Independent is a good example of female empowerment. She is saying she was Miss Independent and she wasn’t going to let a man hurt her. I think she was saying that “Miss Independent” was wrong because then she found true love. How about “She’s Not Just a Pretty Face” by Shania Twain?

    I can see where Chuck is coming from. I have thought about how I live in a hopelessly blue state and maybe I should move to a swing state to help turn it red. That said I think the more gutsy thing to do would be to stay and fight to make things right where we are. We need a Restore Honor Rally here in Illinois.

    Parson- You had me on the show that you said coconut was only good for smelling. Ya lost me with this show when you said that banana zingers were the best.

    Great theology segment. You were on fire Dave! I think (or at least hope) that Tammy Faye changed before her death.

    If there was a listener poll I would have to vote for stage over film.

    Great show guys!

  5. Artskoe /


    LORD willing and the creek don’t rise, I WILL be there!

    My vote: Wyoming (cold, but not AS cold)

    GREAT sound!!! It’s The B-Cat show! Now I’m gonna have to hook up surround to my laptop.

    OK, as long as we are playing girl’s name-music, how about some G-L-O-R-I-A (back to my high school daze)

    Welcome back, great show…very informative…

    From Wall Builders’ country,


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