Sticky: Uncommon Show Webcast – August 19, 2010

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Intro – The Cleaner’s Medals – A Shout Out To A Great Brother, Charlie Lang – Perfect Woman – Pastor Cleveland, In The House

Obama Taking MORE Vacations? – 500,000 “Unexpected” Job Losses – Shout Out To Julia Roberts – Expendables vs. Inception

Hocus Pocus – Introducing, Pastor Cleveland! – The Parson Gets Ambushed – Islamic Football – Evolutionary Islam vs. Revolutionary Islam – Great Lakes Prophecy Conference – Rod Woodson Smacks Brett ‘Primadonna’ Favre

Conservatives Giving Each Other A Smackdown – Coulter vs. Farah – Homocon – Playing Devil’s Advocate – Civil Unions Synonymous To Marriage?

More On Civil Unions – Glenn Beck, Culturally Incorrect – Dealing With Being Disappointing By Christians

Glen Coffee’s Decision For Christ – Theological Segment – God’s Will For You & I – “Jesus Is Coming!” – Michelle’s Obesity Campaign

More Theological Segment – The Wayward Sons – Pastor Cleveland’s Take

The 4 Most Dangerous Groups To Be In America Right Now – Dark Knight Award: The Black Tea Party Conference – It Never Happened, If The Media Has Anything To Do With It – Neither Republican Nor Democrat

Brain On Liberal: Russell Simmons Is A Very Confused Man – Some Islamic History – The Fez – Cassius Clay – Obama & Ramadan

A WWII Scofield – Mosque Later, The Real Story Now – Israel Needed To Act Today – Iran Goes Full Nuke – Ezekiel 38 & 39 Zechariah 14 & The Man Who Would Be The 10th Mahdi



  1. Sister Mushy /


    Pastor Cleveland was a nice addition to your duo.
    Fallen man does such a wonderful job perverting God’s institutions! They are trying to fill their painful lives w/something that only Christ can fill!
    LOVE the Talking stick and Shush stick. Brilliant!!!

    love ya’s

  2. Katie Lang /

    ‘Civil Union’ and Marriage are NOT the same. Marriage is a sacred act before God. Whether or not the gay agenda and the like desire to ultimately remove God from the picture or not. We know He does exists and this wonderful act performed before Him was designed by Him. Let man design what he will. It cannot compare to Gods divine framework. Let it be called Civil Union as this very confused act should not be allowed to pose under the guise of marriage even in word form. Christians should not stand by idly and simply allow the word ‘marriage’ to be violated by man’s sinful distortion. Civil Union separates the wheat from the tare even if by name only.

  3. Katie Lang /

    Very entertaining! I love the jabs you guys take at each other. Pastor Cleveland turns out a nice blend amongst you fellas. I hope to hear him back on the show. Your welcome for the puff ball talking stick, Dave. Love you guys!!!

  4. the Parson /

    Class? What are you trying to say. We have no class? We need to dress up the joint? We amuse you? How? Funny, how? Say what one more time.

  5. lukehamilton /

    Great show, guys! Lots of laughs and lots of good solid teaching (loved the Wayward Son and Dark Knight segments). Having Pastor Cleveland on really classed up the joint!


  6. The Cleaner /

    Hi there,

    Hope you’re enjoying the show, but we do understand that we made it a bit tough on the ears. We are having Bob do an exorcism on the audio and it should be *perfect* by next week. We figure a little Holy water, crosses and repetitive prayer will have whatever demon that invaded our cables running back to its master!



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