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Intro – We’re Back! – Enough With The Blago Already – Cleaner’s Broken Back – Cleaner Gets Corrected By His Daughter – Katie’s Talking Stick

Obama Is Stepping Down? – Cleaner Gets Ambushed – Putin To The Rescue! – The Greatness Of Putin – The Wonderful World Of Kindles – The Best Smelling Bible Of All Time

Review Of Brother Stage & Sherlock Holmes – Our Newest Main Man – WildC!

Theological Segment – The UFC & The Gospel Of Grace – Reckoning Yourselves Dead To Sin – Scripture, Reason & Experience

Time For An Angry Sasquatch – Another Theological Segment – Afghan Charity/Aid Worker Murders – World Vision, A Christian Organization?

Pat Condell Talks About The Religion Of Peace – The ‘Bummer’ Of Recovery – The Rising Up Of The People – November, Almost Here

Kindle Girl -Smushed Ho Hos – The Parson Talks Melanie Phillips – George Will’s “Israel’s anti-Obama” – Benjamin Netanyahu

1st Samuel 16:7 – Racists & Bondage – Mark Levin Pops In – Are Christians Cretins? – Bill McCullom, Florida AG – New Immigration Law – USA Today Says Government Employees make 2 Times What You Make – The Lives Of Others – The Cleaner Never Made It To East Germany – The Sons Of Issachar

Stupid Pastors – The Cuckoos Nest – Joel Osteen & Whatnot

A Great Chat On The Good Ol’ Days – Leonidas Award, Congressman John Shadegg – The American Thinker’s Larrey Anderson On Manufacturing Liberals



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  11. Sister Mushy /

    Diva, will you still have little hearts for Putin after he tries to attack Israel for her oil, if he is still in power???

    CF, that was beautiful!!! Pepe Le Putin. I thought it was a cross between Chief inspector Clouseau and Boris, ya neewww… LOL

    Your kindel books can be gone in 90 secs if homeland security deems its ‘inappropriate’ in some manner. The Kindel giveth and The Kindel taketh away….
    hum… think I like the 20th century Diva better !!!

    we have family that also put church tradition over scripture… where do you go w/ that?

    my dear sister tried to convert me from catholism to an evangelical by cutting the church down and telling me how wrong I was to pray to statues etc… it didnt work w/ me. I dont remember her even telling me that Christ alone died for me. I was offended and wanted to be catholic that much more… it wasnt until someone from GGF witnessed to Mike and I did I accept Christ. Totally different approach.

    Peanuts, when they get moldy, produce aflatoxins. This substance can be deadly w/ anyone who has a mold allergy. Unfortunately, most of our peanut processed food is moldly by the time it gets to the consumer, so it may have aflitoxins.

    Claim to fame? I went to school w/ Belushi’s nephew, Adam… and he let EVERYONE know it and my great grandmothers nephew married Annette Funicello… never met her though.

    Thanks for the edutainment :)
    In Him
    Sister Mushy

  12. lukehamilton /

    Thanks Artskoe! I appreciate the kind words (and the knowledge). I didn’t know you were an actor, let alone a musical actor! I’m impressed!

  13. Artskoe /

    It is Milton Milktoast- but you were close!

    Oh, wow, did ya’ll stir up some memories again! Wish I could remember scripture as well as afternoon TV on WGN. Andy Starr and the Little Theater starring the 3 Stooges! For some odd reason, I never had to go to the bathroom if Curley (instead of Shemp) was on. Then there was Bozo’s “Magic Arrows,” picking the boy and girl to play the Grand Prize Game.

    “Ee-au-kee” was started by the Lassie TV show, when Jeff was the ‘lil boy. They dropped it when they dropped Jeff and brought in Timmy. I didn’t think kids still did it when ya’ll were kids. Way Cool…

    Point 2b, the last line of “Hound of the Baskervilles,” which was the amazing Sir Basil Rathbone’s first Sherlock movie (1939}: [Holmes] “Come along Watson, and bring your needle.”
    Host Robert Osborne of TCM commented that it alludes to Holmes’ use of liquid cocaine and to this day it is unknown how it made it past the censor(s). However Sherlock is most often portrayed as taking a stroll between cases to the Opium Parlors for a smoke, and said it helped him think. Millions of hippies in my generation followed him in agreement in one way or another. We were not the ‘greatest generation’ in spite of the indoctrination of Leave it to Beaver or Father Knows Best. I guess because we were also watching “The Gay Divorcee” on the late, late show.

    May Brother Stage have a long, great career – best wishes from the Lone Star State! Break a leg. -From a fellow actor who played Sid Sorokin in The Pajama Game in 1969 (It was the best of, and worst of, rolled into one weekend :)

    My vote: Books (but I wish more of them were 99 cents).

    Good show guys, missed you too!

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