Sticky: Uncommon Show Webcast – July 29, 2010

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Intro – Obama & Madden NFL – Vladimir Putin vs. Our Commie – Rolling Thunder – Adolph Storms, #4, FOUND

Creature Features – The Good Old Days – Cartoons – Ann Rice Rejects Christianity – Dogs Returning To Their Vomit

Saying Goodbye To Sandy Rios, Live On WYLL

The Loss Of A Great Christian Leader – Yes, A Possible Conspiracy Theory – What Force Is In Play Here?

“You Had A Bad Day!” – SHPs & The Lunatic Fringe – Self Righteous SHPs – Legalists’ Bushel Baskets – Ladies & Gentlemen, The Duplicitous, Self Righteous Trent Malder! – The Courage Of Cowardice

What’s A Dido? – The Parson Is DEPRESSED – Chris Christie Throws Down – Love Or Money? Reform? Reform What? – Real Men

More Parson Misery – Sheriff Joe – What Is Truth? – Sandy’s Replacement

Bro. Midlife Crisis & The Power Of Music – Chelsea’s Wedding – John Kerry’s Yacht – Playing Risk – Ann Coulter Gets Down! – Leave The Gun, Take The Canoli

Chris Wallace Bodyslams Howard “Yeeeeehah!” Dean – Oh, That Crazy NEA – California Has A Lot Of Mental Patients – Farewell, Sandy Rios



  1. Tina /

    Thanks for bringing me back to the days of playing Risk. Dave, you must play the game! Being a girl I was always in the minority of my gender who enjoyed that game. In fact, I would always play Risk with my friends boyfriends. Great game!

  2. Artskoe /

    OK, so you have to do a show on Friday to let us out in the boonies know who took over the Rios’ slot. Was it Dr. Laura?

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