Sticky: “You’re going to destroy me, you say? Here, let me offer you a country…”

You are a descendant of the great Gabriel family. This is your family history.

Imagine that several centuries ago your direct ancestors owned a large parcel of land, something along the lines of 10,000+ acres, or so. And let’s just say it was somewhere in rural America. Many families, all living together, all bound by Gabriel family ties and honor – if not genes! (I’m envisioning something along the lines of ‘Bonanza’ here, only on a larger scale.)

Your family’s history is well recorded, they were widely known and well respected nationwide for a great span of time. Certain patriarchs of your family are recorded as being amongst the greatest of all American frontiersmen. And the land was legally theirs, too. There was no dispute, your ancestors farmed it, nourished it, built upon it, lived off (and on) it, and so on. The Gabriels owned it, “free and clear.”

Then, for no particular reason, a rival family – let’s call them the Italians – invaded your ancestors’ land. They were successful in taking it over and decided to be your new “beneficent rulers.” There was a reluctant acceptance of the situation for a time, however, the first of several uprisings soon began.

Tragically, all efforts to rid the land of the Italians were unsuccessful. Worse yet, in one final battle attempting to reclaim the land, your ancestors were driven from it, being maimed, raped and murdered in the process. This horrifying situation resulted in a diaspora for all but a small percentage of the Gabriels from their 10,000+ acre homeland, leaving in their stead this group of Italians ruling unchallenged for a period of time.

Further rubbing salt into the wound, the merciless Italians changed the name of the Gabriel estate, mocking them by allowing it to be renamed after a long time nemesis of the Gabriel family.

As time passes great battles take place over ownership of the land. Many different groups, all with their own colorful history and reasons, are desirous to establish unilateral control of your ancestors’ property. Their battles are epic, and history records no greater area of the world in which such battles so regularly took place. Several of the stronger groups have their day, then lose, only to reclaim the land once more at a later point in time.

Throughout all this time there were always a few of your ancestors living amongst whoever it was ruling the land at the moment. Your ancestors, the faithful ones, at least, never lost hope that one day the land would once again be theirs (yours). Faith and tenacity have long been hallmarks of the Gabriel clan.

Moving into the the present century…

Let us grant a series of actions taking place in our country that ultimately lead to the realization on the part of our nation’s leaders that the ever disputed Gabriel land, your ancestors’ land, was unrightfully stripped from them. This chain of events causes – for at least a small window of time – those with power to actually admit that your ancestors were wronged, and that this error, this tragedy, should be rectified.

So, in a moment of charity, in an historic gesture never recorded anywhere prior in the annals of mankind’s history books, these leaders announce a new legal status, one that allows you and all your living kin the right to return to the formerly Gabriel owned land. The dreams of your ancestors are realized! Your kin are free to go back and reclaim what was once, and rightfully, theirs. There is great jubilance, tears of joy flow freely!

As with any large transition there are a few difficult issues needing to be resolved. Certain groups of people (other than Gabriels) still lived on the land, they worked, had their own families, jobs, and so on. Realizing the situation, and not wishing them any harm or undo change of life, you and your kin willingly accept them on your land. There is enough for all, there are things all can do to contribute, the land can coexist with the diverse groups inhabiting it.

Or so you think.

One particularly pesky group – let’s call them the Machmeds – is sore displeased at this newly granted legal status. Even though you will make their lives better, even though you are willing to live peacefully amongst them, they are not so quick to accept you back into your legally granted land.

One of the main issues is that the Gabriel family doesn’t farm the same way the Machmeds do. The Machmed farming methods are wholly different than yours, and, in addition to being upset that you’ve been allowed to return at all, they find your ways reprehensible. Their farming manuals make it clear that your ways are not to be tolerated, that they have the best, and final, word on farming.

Thus the Machmeds demand the country see that a mistake has been made, that the Gabriels should never have been allowed legal ownership of the land, that the decision must be reversed, and the Gabriel clan destroyed.

And so almost immediately upon finishing your joyous family reunion, threats from the Machmeds, and their kin living all around the newly reclaimed Gabriel land, begin to surface. This is of significant concern to you, as your family isn’t yet organized, you have no official means by which you can defend yourselves, and so on. The Machmeds, on the other hand, have been cohesive and organized for centuries now.

Soon the Machmeds living on the Gabriel land are called away by their nearby (and surrounding) brethren. The surrounding clans are about to attack the Gabriel land, and it won’t be visibly clear to them who are Gabriels and who are Machmeds, so the Machmeds living on Gabriel land are urged to leave before the battle is waged.

They do, nearly all of them. They flee into the land of their brethren.

Having safely vacated the Gabriel land, the surrounding Machmedian armies attack you. You are outnumbered and out armed. Somehow, miraculously, you not only survive the attack – YOU REPEL THE MACHMEDIAN ARMIES.

Again there is great relief amongst the people! You have survived a great test, won a magnificent battle. You can truly claim the land, and everything in it, as yours because now you have not only the legal right to it, but you’ve earned it though a great victory.

In addition to having repelled the Machmeds, you have even enlarged the Gabriel estate by winning battles deep into rival Machmed land. You’ve added to the Gabriel estate.

Then something rather bizarre happens.

The Macmeds are not gracious losers. They demand what is to be the first of many “do overs.” They do not want their fellow Machmedians, those who fled prior to the outbreak of the battle, to remain on the land of the various rival Machmedian clans. They insist that these “refugees” should be allowed to return to the Gabriel estate, and that the land you have won in battle must be returned.

This, too, is unprecedented in all the annals of human history: The losers of the battle dictating the terms of their loss to the winners.

This strikes you as odd, of course, because it was your family who was attacked. You initiated nothing, you merely defended yourself. Yet, in a nearly unmeasurable gesture of kindness you allow all won land to be returned. However, there is a slight problem with accepting the return of all Machmeds having fled.

In the interim (the time leading up to and during the battle) many other returning Gabriels had made their way back onto the Gabriel estate, and taken over previously owned Machmed homes, and whatnot.

It was assumed, after all, that they did flee, and wouldn’t be coming back unless they had won the subsequent battle. But that didn’t happen. YOU won the battle. Winner take all, to the victor the spoils, at least in any normal world.

Moving quickly through the present century, this scenario happens again, several more times, actually. The Machmedian armies attack the Gabriels on a regular basis, each time looking for your complete and total destruction. Some of the attacks appear to be impossible to defend, you are regularly outnumbered and out armed. Yet, miraculously, time and time again the Machmedian armies are defeated.

Oddly, since the very first battle between the Gabriels and the Machmeds, very few of the refugees had been assimilated by their Machmedian brethren. This expanding group of refugees become a sort of ‘loose family’ all unto their own. They begin to demand rights, they express outrage towards you for their dire situation. They become the fancy of the country, these poor refugees.

The refugees demand that you give them some of your land, land that your ancestors have given their lives for in self defense. These refugees even develop a sort of ‘Constitution,’ a document that rewrites history in their favor, a document that literally calls for your destruction.

As time passes most of the country forgets how these refugees ever came to be. They forget that it was because of a poor choice made prior to the first battle. Choices have consequences, but in this case consequences be damned, it’s all your fault. People quickly forget that you had nothing to do with that choice to leave, that for a time you were more than willing to accept them. Yes, the country soon forgets. And then they begin blaming your for the refugees’ situation.

Yes, they blame you.

And because people are prone to believe anything they see on TV, the images of these poor refugees, homeless, angry, confused, begging for help, begin to turn the country against you. Overall, with the exception of a small percentage of people who understand how the refugees came to be, the country sees the Gabriels as the problem.

The Machmeds have done a wonderful job of selling a false image to a willing public. They even manage to convince the country that you are “occupying” their land!

And so the situation thus remains today. The refugees are still publicly demanding that you partition your land for them, while their brethren who surround you wait for any ripe moment to once again attack. Their constitution calling for your expulsion and/or destruction – which ever is more expedient – exists for all to see. You wonder in amazement how the country can believe that partitioning the land would make these refugees and their brethren happy (and assure their promised peace) when their constitution clearly calls for your death.

Yes, we can only wonder…


At this point no reader could possibly be unaware that the above story is a retelling of the history of Israel and the so-called Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It is almost inconceivable to me that anyone in full possession of the historical facts regarding Israel (and the Palestinian conflict) could ever conclude Israel to be the problem.

Yet many do.

Many are anti-Semites, some are simply ignorant, some are horribly misguided Christians with no discernment, some (many?) are nothing more than demonic sock puppets. Yes, that’s correct. Demons fulfilling the will of their master through human means. At times I can see no other possible alternative to accurately describe the level of hate that exists throughout humanity towards Israel, and Jews in general. It’s a supernatural hate.

Feel free to disagree, but realize that you’ll need an alternative theory, and few, if any, exist that are intellectually fulfilling. There is nothing like it in existence pointed towards so small a minority on planet Earth. Nothing. Really…

Now, I hope you’re asking why I wrote this story. There is a good reason. More than one, but one primary mover.

One reason is because I know God loves Israel. It’s the, “…apple of His Eye…” He has great plans for Israel. (If nothing else please read Ezekiel 36:18-38.) His Son was born in Israel. Christ was a Jew, and is/will be King of all Israel one day soon. God challenges Satan (see Jeremiah 31:31-37) by stating that it is more likely that the Sun, the stars and the Moon would fall from Heaven before Israel would ever be destroyed. (And yes, make no mistake about it, that is God throwing down the proverbial gauntlet.)

I, as a Christian must acknowledge these things, and I must love what God Loves. And so I do. Those are some of the reasons Israel is always on my radar.

Here’s the prime mover for the story. This week something happened that made my stomach turn. I was almost sick at the sight of it. You can find the story here:

PLO Flag to Fly in Washington, D.C.

This is sickening. We, in America, are going to allow the Palestinian flag to be flown. Think about that, please.

Palestine is not a country. Never was. They have a flag? (Someone please explain that to me.) Their leaders are evil men, with a corrupt vision of the future. These people hate, despise Israel (our supposed ally) with evry fiber of their being. And we’re going to fly their flag on American soil?

Let’s take a look at the PLO Charter, the ‘constitution’ of this evil and perverse entity formed to some degree by a virtual demon in the flesh you may recall, one Yasser Arafat:

The PLO Charter

There are some very serious statements made in their charter, not the least of which is Article 21. Read it, and ask yourself if you should ever, under any circumstances, accept the oft repeated claim by modern Palestinians that they merely want to “partition” the land for their own country. They do not. Nothing less than the ENTIRE LIBERATION of Israel back into (so called) Palestinian hands is the goal. It is also the goal of Islam in general.

And on the chance you’re wondering if the charter has been changed, please refer to:

PLO Charter Revision Strategy

Truly we have turned our back on Israel. If we do not pull back we can in no way expect any mercy from God in the future. We will be on our own. Our demise all but certain. I know this because the Bible is clear on the subject of Israel, and I believe the Bible to be the Word of God.

I wish the abused (so called) Palestinian refugees nothing but the best, that is an honest and true prayer of mine. They are loved by God. But they are being used as a tool by their Islamic brethren, that is a fact. True, dedicated and rigidly followed Islam cares nothing for humanity, it only cares about advancing its own agenda. If the Middle East Muslims really cared about these people they would immediately and easily assimilate them all into the untold millions of available acres of Muslim controlled land. Israel is but a spec on the map; Islamic controlled land is gratuitously abundant.

There is no issue here that isn’t man made, and it isn’t Israel making it. Do not be fooled, Islam wants you to believe the ‘Palestinian Crisis’ is real. It is not, not in the sense that we’re being told.

The only thing that is real is that Islam hates Israel and Jews so much that it gladly sacrifices its own for the hopefully future destruction of their mortal enemies. It is the reason Golda Meir once remarked:

“We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us”

However, we will never see this until Islam is destroyed (or at least temporarily reformed, which is unlikely) or until the return of the Lord. Here is a real assessment of the modern day conflict between these two groups:

“If the Palestinians laid down their weapons, there would be no war. If Israel laid down their weapons, there would be no Israel.”

That’s quite a statement, you have to decide if it’s true or not.

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6)

Blessings to you all,




  1. Rather nicely said.

  2. Felious Nalls /

    Hey Dave,

    I read the article about Palastinian hate. I completely agree with you in the fact of Israel being God’s chosen people. I myself appreciate Israeli as special to me and the rest of the world.

    Your lead-in story is quite detailed (accurate) in describing the history of the two “peoples” ongoing battle for the precious parcel of land.

    In brief, reading your thoughts & the PLO charter, it appears to me that Satan is working through the Arab people to attempt to destroy the Will of God. Such hatred is greater than any man (or group of men) can conjure, because it
    seems to intensify with time instead of dissipate. As you duly noted, their efforts cannot prevail against the hand of God !

    Your zeal for the things of God are always encouraging me in my own zeal for our God ! May he continue to use and strengthen you to/for His Glory!


  3. davesteiger /

    Hey Doug,

    Thanks for the kind words, and I honestly hope you and your family are doing well. You are a blessed man with that family, Doug, truly blessed.

    As for the banter? Odd, wasn’t it? And wholly unnecessary.

    And I hope you don’t mind, but I do (and will continue) to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, as I know that’s at least one of the prayers I can count on to come true. Not for me, not for us, but for those people who have paid so heavy a price just for being who they are for thousands of years now. Peace will come, and soon enough, I suspect. However, as you imply, not without one more round of pain (unfortunately).

    Best regards,


  4. Doug Shearer /

    I wanted to let you know I appreciated your story and hesitated to make a comment in between all this banter. But here it goes. Christians today have a vantage of seeing the Lord’s promises fulfilled in Israel. Israel isreal. I have a Bible commentary (written in the 1880’s) that in the middle of a minor prophet stops and says, “See, Israel will have nation… and soon. Wow!

    I will pray for Jerusalem, with one exception… peace. Satan will give them peace… before the storm. Thank God that when I pray the Holy Spirit filters.

    Thanks again Dave.

  5. John Kirkwood /

    Wow, I’m really disappointed. I actually thought we had a new listener and we had tapped the crystal meth, frat-boy demographic. It’s amazing the length these super-spiritual people will go to shield their duplicity. On a lighter note, you would think a former cop would know not to leave a trail of bread crumbs right to his front door. Might want to try reading Internet for Dummies before you put on the mask, Kato. Oh, and Pete, in this world you have to get a life before you can actually live well.
    Live Well,
    The Parson who just made you throw up in your mouth

  6. Dave Steiger /

    Hey Parson,

    The guy with whom we’re having a little fun here is the former and currently disgruntled ‘legalist’ cop. It’s obvious because he hasn’t been right about much of anything as of late, and he’s out of his mind trying to ‘prove’ how bad our show is.

    Pete? Aliases? Stalking? Time to sweep your own porch, pal.

    Remember this, folks, just like the rest of the “splinters,” this guy is as phony as a $3.00 bill.

    But thanks for listening, and remember, MLK Jr. said, “It is the better part of wisdom not to do desperate things!”


  7. Dave Steiger /

    Hey Trent,

    Glad to see you’re still enjoying the show, hope you keep listening…!



  8. Trent Malder /

    Ridicule? The Uncommon Show starring Beavis & Butthead, all they do is ridicule people. Take a hike because you are a hypocrite, just like the 2 idiots who pretend they got talent and have an internet wannabe popular show. Geez. All they do is ridicule people and think they are funny. I vomited when I found out that they are supposedly pastors. You gotta be kidding me. Pastors? These guys are buffoons.

    Ridicule? How about this one? The Unfunny Show staring Jabba the Hut & Midlife Crisis. Jabba says to Midlife “oh, you are so buff, I love it when you wear tight shirts”. Midlife says “thanks Jabba, I needed that, as I am an old dude and going through a crisis”. Then both Jabba and Midlife break out laughing at their own stupidity as Midlife stuffs his face with food and Jabba does the same, saying “Boonowa tweepi, ha, ha”

  9. Saul Alinsky /


    Good to see you fighting the good fight against these right wing windbags. I see you’ve read my book (as has President Obama and most of our present day Democratic political establishment), because you’re making excellent use of Rule #5 from my book ‘Rules for Radicals,’ which states:

    5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

    Yes, when we don’t have facts on our side in a debate just use ridicule. It’s been historically proven that most people are too unprepared for critical debate, and so when you’re confronted with such just use ridicule and you’ll be fine.

    Check out all the other rules, I’m sure you’ll be able to make good use of them, as well.



  10. Trent Malder /

    I wasn’t talking about the Jews or Israel. My comments were directed at the stupid internet show and the two idiots who think they are funny. Thats the problem with the internet, any fool can act like they are famous and pretend to have a show and pretend to have talent. They are like the Dynamic Fools.

  11. Oliver Stone /


    I’m working on a new movie exposing the Jewish propagated myth of the so called “holocaust.” (Right!) I need some good research assistants, looks like you’d fit the bill and I was hoping you would be available.

    Arbeit Macht Frei,


  12. Keith Ubermann /

    I 2nd you Helen. These Zionist minstrels shade more truth than the weeping willow I can see from my nana’s basement window. And to the one known as the Cleaner … How dare you sir? How dare you?

  13. Helen Thomas /

    I agree with Trent, these Jews should get the hell out of there and go home. Bravo young man.

  14. Artskoe /

    Not to mention the Oslo Accords. The PLO had no intention of promoting peace when Arafat signed. They are still lobbing missiles into Israel on an almost daily basis. Thought to be a deterrent for Jews to immigrate back to Israel due to the danger, it is having an opposite effect as more and more Jews return to the area from around the world. They are getting so strong it will not matter soon if the USA backs them or not. BTW, Israel is still safe for tourism – not recommended for Gaza, Syria, Yemen, Jordan, EAE, and the list goes on.

  15. lukehamilton /

    Fantastic summation, Cleaner. Meticulous and on-point as always. The fact that the land we now call Jordan was originally stripped from the Balfour Declaration and given to the “Palestinians” and other Arab groups as a homeland is never mentioned. They now want Israel’s land and Jordan wants nothing to do with them. Israel has already given more than she should have and has received nothing but increased hostility. Thanks for posting man. Great stuff.

    Trent – I wonder if there is anything specifically that you are interesting in disputing or discussing. If Dave has misspoke, I’m sure he’d be interested to hear where he is wrong. These boards are a place for discussion, not for flaming on people you disagree with.

  16. davesteiger /

    Hi Trent,

    Glad to see that you’re taking such a keen interest in the show!

    Did you enjoy the article, then? I was writing in an effort to inform those who may be unfamiliar with the history of the Israeli/Palestinian story. It was my hope that you might walk away a little more enlightened than you were prior to reading it.

    Let me know if that was the case.



  17. Trent Malder /

    Are these guys for real? It’s the Eddie & JoBo show. Do they really think someone would hire them to go on radio? These clowns are just wannabe’s. Unfortunately these days any idiot can go on the internet and pretend they have talent. A dime a dozen.

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