Sticky: Uncommon Sense Webcast – July 22, 2010

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Intro – We Feel Rush’s Pain – Men Without Chests – C.S. Lewis, Prophetic – On Being Offended

Okay, On With The Show… – Finally – Moody Blues! – Katherine Sebelius Is Watching Our Fatness – Peter Fernandez (Speed Racer) RIP – Dead Nazis Need To Be Found When They’re ALIVE!! – Shout Out to Tim of “Go Daddy”

Barack Will NOT Rest! (Fore!) – Remembering Zola Levitt – A Cleaner Childhood Story – What Were We Talking About? – ‘Talking Feds’

Pastor’s Corner – Special Guest Our Own Beloved Former Pastor ‘Artskoe’ – On Forgiveness – On Love –

More With Artskoe – Overcoming Grudges – Loving The Unlovable

Falling Poll Numbers – The Democrats’ Three Point Plan For Keeping the House – Discussion On Perception – Hillary Is Coming

Brain On Liberal – Sheila Jackson Lee Teaches Us About Vietnam – Senator Lyndsay Graham, UGH. – The Trivium – Graham ‘Interrogates’ Elena Kagan – Sen. Hatch Schools Kagan

A Special Motivational Speaker – Obama & Abortion – Two Piece Of Good News! – Surprise Visit By Brother Pitbull – DADT – A Good War Chat – Congratulations To Drewcifer And His Wonderful Wife



  1. TankGirl /

    Interesting choice of words in the last segment, you’d send your children over there. Well, I’m not sure how much stuff I can get you, but I’ll try my best to do something cool at least. Also, Gordy is just following a trend of all the other army guys, real men don’t dip!

    Love you!

  2. We love Rush. He is so right on. I try not allow others to control me. Its definitely a challenge. He is a man w/ a chest and has a lot of wisdom. MMM, MMM, MMM… MahaRushy!!!

    Thanks for being men w/ chests. Its so true that the church has taken political correctness to the next level. They make the weak feel guilty and ungodly if they are ‘insensitive’ in any way and they try to ruin the rep of a strong believer if they don’t dance to their tune (if dancing is not a sin, that is)
    Really, if you want to be an ‘example’ to everyone and want to be the Pharisee of Pharisee’s, become a monk… don’t talk at all. You won’t offend anyone and won’t cause division among fellow believers. It’s a win, win sitz!!! I know that won’t happen because they like controlling others behavior more than loving them.

    We like Star Trek. And its a transporter, Diva.
    Its the only Sci-Fi series that gives man a bright future. Yeah, it’s the ultimate secular utopia that will never happen, but its very entertaining. Most are very dark, violent and man is left at the mercy of robots or aliens… lol

    Speaking about obesity… I was just at Target. They rearranged their store and a new section had tiny isles… they were designed for thin people… hum??? Guess I won’t buy those potato chips after all??? LOL

    Enjoyed as usual.
    Elvis week, hum?
    LOVE that parody: same as it ever was!!! BEE-EE-A-UU-TEE-FUL…

    Mushy Female Louise, I think???

    ps. I’ve got a bone to pick w/ yous guys. I haven’t felt mushy lately… Can’t remember the last time I picked on ya’ll? (yes, love that word too) The logic of your arguments are too darn logical. I have not had a mushy female, need to set you straight about something jerky you said, moment in a while. I DON’T LIKE IT. What fun is it when I can’t pick on you??? Parson, when’s the last time you used your mushy liberal “we are the world” voice?
    Please don’t disappoint me next time, Thank you!
    Annoyed semi-mushy female listener, Louise

    hee hee hee

  3. Spiccoli /

    Hey Bud, Awesome tune-age dudes. Let’s party some Grateful Dead next week.

  4. Dave Steiger /

    “Mellifluous, melodic sounds?” Well played, Holbo, well played!!

    We love Artskoe, and hope now that he’s gotten his radio legs under him that he’ll grace us with future segments, as well.



  5. Holly Shields /

    Poking fun at the Moodies, are we now? Nothing new, they have been snubbed, dissed and overlooked for years. What a great band though, some of the most creative music ever written. I mean, who writes songs like Ray Thomas did? And who else SANG like that? In a class by themselves, and a classy bunch of guys, too. I owe my fondness of their music to the Cleaner, who got me hooked when I was just eleven years old. No additional substances were needed to enjoy the mellifluous, melodic sounds!

    On another note, I enjoyed the segments with Artskoe, and hope he’ll be back.

  6. Melvin Poindexter /

    Great to hear the Moody’s. Just don’t play anything passed Seventh Sojourn (1972)…except MAYBE Long Distance Voyager.

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