Sticky: Uncommon Sense Webcast – July 15, 2010

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Intro – The Wisdom Of Rush Limbaugh – Brother Alpha & The Parson Are (Accused Of) Misbehavin’ – Barack The Magic Negro – Whisper Campaigns & Splinters Needing Removal – Demonic Names? – Honestly, People Need To Grow A Funny Bone – Wishing The Splinters Well

Rush Limbaugh Explains The Doctrine Of Dealing With People Who Are Easily Offended – The “C” Word – DOJ, Immigration & Crackers

Idiot Congressman Brad Sherman – Megyn Kelly Gets Into A C-c-c-c-c-cat Fight!! – You Can’t Balance Error With Truth – Who Has Guts? We Tell You!

Don’t Ever Do That Again!! – Our Would Be Sponsors – The Dumbest Person On The Stage Was… – Bristol & Levi, ‘Growing Up’ Right

Sandy Rios & Tea Party Talk – The Parson & Bill Ward On Sandy’s Show – Why Are Tea Partiers So Cohesive?

Which Hostess Product Is Best? – Mine Goes To Eleven! – Glenn Beck & The Gospel Of Grace – Beck Vs. Osteen – Rick Warren & Purpose Driven Something Or Other – Robert Shuller & Billy Graham

Grateful Dead – Rush Limbaugh & Big Business Regulation – Oak Lawn Jihadis – I Will Not Rest!



  1. Trent Malder /

    What a lame show. I just wasted one hour of my life listening to these idiots.

  2. the Parson /

    The lack of Moody Blues is on me Artskoe; I still have to arrange them. Or were you talking about the feeling you had when you heard the keynote address go hardcore Lordship Salvation at the Moody Founder’s Week a few years back?
    Viva La Texas!

  3. Artskoe /

    One important thing: When a conservative says they are pro-life, let it not mean only the baby in the womb; it is the country at strength and peace, it is the 75 year old who has just been “given” health care, it is my 61 year old neighbor who was recently murdered by 2 cowards who followed her home, and it is life and liberty for all, equally under the law, no matter what age, from conception to Rapture.

    Number B: I was promised The Moody Blues. Where was my Moody Blues? I WANT my Moody Blues Bumpers!

    Best show of the New Year Guys~

    ~Artskoe, Oyster Cracker from Texas

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