Sticky: Uncommon Sense Webcast – 1st Anniversary Show – June 25, 2010

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A very special thanks to Drew ‘Drewcifer’ Gustafson, who played a seriously good amount of guitar tonight, Bob ‘Beelzebob’ Cat, without whose tech savvy we never would have pulled this off, and Wendy ‘Mrs. Parson’ Kirkwood, who really got so many cool things for the show it’s amazing. Thank all of you!!

Intro – Having A Blast With Blago – Paul McCartney Is A Regular GENIUS

Crazy Muslim Imams – Detroit School President Has Peculiar Habits – The Parson’s Once Wonderful Wife -The Cleaner’s Boycott –

Gay Pride Solution? – Jon Voight, American Hero

Signs of the Apocalypse – Don’t Mess With Israel

Brain On Liberal – Janeane Garafalo? – Rep. Hank Johnson – (D) 4th Congressional District of Georgia? – Peggy West, Milwaukee County Board President?

Some Of Our Favorite Moments From The Past Year

The Parson’s Top 5 American Cultural icons – Exit Stage Left, Luke Hamilton

‘Uncommon Contest’ Winner – A Seriously Unexpected Winner!!!

Closing Out The Show – The Cleaner Re-Imagines John Lennon’s “Imagine”



  1. Artskoe /

    Hey guys, congrats on the 1st. What was it the Flinstones sang? Oh, yeah, “Happy Anni-versary, Happy Anniversary…” etc.

    May you have many more, and remember, your theology segments are more uncommon than you think.

    ~Artskoe from Texas, USA

    PS I was out selling 4th fireworks so I didn’t hear the show until today. Love youse guys!

  2. Diva and CF
    Anniversary party was fun. We really enjoyed it.
    um… going to have to talk to Brother Music (Ed) about his winner picks… I mean, REALLY???
    It was very nice of you, Parson, to give your gift to a listener :)

    I didnt submit for the contest, but I think I have some good ones that weren’t: Zepplin, Floyd (my picks anyway) and Eagles!

    1. Amazing Grace – Todd Agnew
    2. In the Getto – Elvis
    3. Best Friend – Queen
    4. Kentucky Rain – Elvis
    5. Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
    6. Old Days – Chicago
    7. To the Point of no Return – Kansas
    8. Whole Hearted – Extreme
    9. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
    10. Sail away Sweet Sister – Queen
    11. Suspicious Minds – Elvis
    12. Still Rock & Roll to Me – Billy Joel
    13. Money – Pink Floyd
    14. Mother – Pink Floyd
    15. You may Be Right – Billy Joel
    16. Magic Man – Heart
    17. Ball Room Blitz – Sweet
    18. If I can Dream – Elvis
    19. Yesterday – Beatles
    20. Red Barchetta- Rush

    I think I enjoyed watching you live, more than listening via the internet. Different atmosphere. AND we had the option of throwing things at you, if you misbehaved… LOL
    Surprisingly you were very well behaved… most likely because we were there. hee hee hee

    Keep fighting the good fight!!!
    PS. Yes, Drewcifer DID steal the show. Drewcifer, when are you going to do a mini concert at GGF?

    Love you guys
    Sister Louise and Bro. Mikey

  3. davesteiger /

    Per a request, here are the lyrics from my rewrite of “Imagine.”

    Imagine there’s a Heaven,
    It’s easy if you try…
    A Hell below us,
    Above us, more than sky.

    Imagine all the people,
    Seeing beyond today…

    Imagine we’re all sinners,
    It isn’t hard to do…
    And what if justice is real,
    What’s expected of you?

    Imagine all the lost souls,
    Mourning on that day…? You hoooooo…

    You may say I’m a Believer,
    And I’m not the only one.
    I hope someday you’ll join us,
    Before all the time you have is gone…

    Imagine a God Who loves you,
    I know you surely can.
    No need for fear or wonder,
    The total cure for man.

    Imagine all the people,
    Trusting in the Word…. You hoooooo….

    You may say I’m a Believer,
    And I’m not the only one.
    I hope someday you’ll join us,
    Before all the time you have is gone…

  4. marianne /

    The LIVE show was a blast tonight! Great job Dave and John! Drewcifer did a tremendous job! He was the icing on the anniversary cake. Congrats to you guys and thanks for the show. Marianne

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