Uncommon Sense Webcast – June 10, 2010

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Intro – Humility – The Cleaner Prophesies – Congrats Hawks! – New Uncommon Mascot – Silly, Stupid, Stuff

Flee Temptation – Website FIXED – The Cleaner Ambushes The Parson, Again (Yes, Birthers!) – Polar Bear Resurgence – Ardi, Not Who They Thought

Captain Fantastic Gets One Right – The Cleaner’s Confession – The New Arizona, Already WORKING!

The Parson’s Confession – Yet Another Cleaner Confession! – Another Parson Confession!

Geert Wilders vs. ‘Prince’ Charles – VISAS & Quotas – How To Cure Illegal Immigration & Save Mexico?

This Day In History – “I’m Mad At Christians” – The Wisdom of Victoria Jackson

President Obama, Kick Ass! – Boobgate

Brother Luke Is GONE – We Need A Temporary Metrosexual Replacement – Simon Cowell, The Greatest Conservative On TV – The Best Rant Of All Time

The Wicked Witch Of The White House Melts – Some Palestinian History

RabbiLive.com – Rabbi Nesenoff – Helen Thomas Apologizes – How To Avoid The Wrath To Come – Hezballah Applauds Helen Thomas! – Isn’t She Lovely (A Montage)

New York Anarchy Update – Sharron Angle Update – Women Shouldn’t Vote? Really? – Gozer the Destroyer – A Crazy Disclaimer – President Obama Like Hamas



  1. LOVE your immigration plan
    LOVE that article from Victoria Jackson… You go sis :)

    this cold one is for you:
    Congrats Luke. My best to you!!! CF, I won’t give you the satifaction of commenting on the Luke replacement segment except this… Does a man have to be a Big Jerk NOT to be a metrosexual? I’m just asking.
    Brother Dave, fear not… we are praying for the Control Freak daily!!! There is hope for everyone… hee hee hee

    Love Simon. Always loved Simon… he is an honest jerk you can love and appreciate! I do like Randy too because he is a nice guy. Yes Diva, he was the bass player for Journey. I didn’t know that either. Ryan is the new Dick Clark. He will be around forever. Parson, I can just hear you reading this in your sensitve mushy liberal female voice, which does frightens me by the way. I think you love to speak like a mushy liberal even more than I like to give you a reason to do it… lol

    Rosie is as clueless as that woman on the Savage show! Blind slaves of satan… he has done a fine job. CF, there is your poster child for the brainless mushy liberal female!!! Its only hate speech when you are talking about a non jew or christian, non conservative. They have no standards except what they are feeling at the moment. Israel loving Jews are just not on the leftist friends list.
    The Jew haters left their email addresses because they need a job. They ran out of obama stash and are hoping to be hired by homeland security, the U.N. or Hamas. Brilliant move.

    Katie, I’m w/ you. I liked the last segment too. Thank you Bros.
    In Him,
    Sister Louise

  2. Dave Steiger /



    Katie – Glad you enjoyed that 7th segment, as, well, let’s just say some didn’t. Truth be told, so far three people have written and/or spoken to us that the 7th segment helped them out quite a bit. Dealing with politics from a Christian viewpoint is apparently confusing for many, however, we feel it needn’t be. All the glory to God!



  3. Katie Lang /

    I love, love, Love Seg 7. We appreciate the subjects you bring to light!
    It seems you gentleman are really flexing the underpinnings of male sexuality out of necessity to enlighten the women out there. I venture to say you’re gonna have to teach this Subject over and over again. To compliment this segment may I suggest the lecture Male Sexuality by Dennis Prager for all the D squared and alike out there.

    Congratulations to Luke! Can women apply for the temporary replacement position?

    Keep it real! Parson you deserve the flower and chocolate cake. Cleaner I can think of none other better equipped to transition our young people into responsible adults!

    Alright, what we need is a CD of the impressive bumper music you guys put together, please!! SELL COPIES!…umm you can leave out London Bridges.


  4. Artskoe /

    They, boyz, thith ith my auditin for hamilting up with arthskoe. Do I have a quick hit for yoth, (?) thince Arnold can’t be govenor no more even tho his ex took thumb pictures of Cally-fornee when he was going away – not that thereth anything wrong with that but I have it on good athoity that Maria Shriver is still his wife NOT that Arnold but Meg W.won elections #1 tho Hollywood has given all millinaires 5 days to ante up Hillaries’ fair share from Barzil. period. AND thee new muvie Ben Hurz comin up from RKO with cristhp black and white. Altho, the Titanic’s boilers blew up so Cameronz Aviterz tree died too, with the ecz military man smokin’ hot for the native girl but just gessing it was all staged with computer grifics Internatinal or cgi for short. Well thas all from Burbank, Il. where all us acters live anyways, til next week-k-k-k-k.

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