Uncommon Sense Webcast – May 27, 2010

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Intro – Skull Power! – Ann Curry Confuses Her Colleges – Where’s Rage Against the Machine? Where’s Green Day? Is No One Raging Against The Dying Of the Light? – Music & “Mush”

The Parson Is The WORST Dancer Of All Time! – The Best & Worst Cities – American Idol Rant – Lee Dewyze – Joe Cocker, Still KING!

Signs Of The Apocalypse – Preparing For The Apocalypse – “Don’t Come A Knocking” – One Smart Frog

I See Dead People – What Do Men Wear In The Ballet? – President Obama & Vacations – November – The Tumor, Malignant Or Benign? – The Cleaner’s Uncommon Prediction

The Lord’s Servant, Moishe Rosen – The Famous Marxist, Dalai Lama – A Discussion On The Show The Show “Lost” – The Ground Zero Mosque – The Parson Loses His Mind – What’s Wrong With New York, Anyway? – Chris Christie, A REAL Leader – Mayor Dale, IN YOUR FACE! – Parting Comments



  1. Solita storia, i media sono organi di controllo, senza mezzi termini. E noi continuiamo a pensare che il pubblico sia privato e che il privato sia pubblico, e ci interessiamo più per Tizia stuprata che di Caio ministro che trasforma l’istruzione in un organo di controllo anch’essa.Quousque tandem?Varel

  2. Hallelujah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

  3. Liebe Joanna,hilft ja nichts, es ist einfach so, dass Deine Sachen von A-Z superoberabsolutweltklasse sind. Pffff… was will man man machen?! Hier herrscht bereits große Vorfreude auf den Vorschlag: Kalender für die Freundin, da dbEva (der beste Ehemann von allen) den selbstbefüllten Adventskalender anscheinend nicht zum atmen braucht, die Freundin schon. Liebe Grüße Olivia

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  7. Ingtihss like this liven things up around here.

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