Uncommon Sense Webcast – May 20, 2010

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Intro – Give Them SALT! – Imaginary War Experience – Why The Chosen People Chose Obama – A Farewell To Frank Frazetta & Ronnie James Dio

A Happy Anniversary Shout Out – Megan Fox, Canned – American Idol’s Local Star – They Call Me Trinity – Intelligent Design, Here To Stay – Stephen Meyer – Has America Forgotten God?

A Really Lousy Graduation Speech – Oil Rig Award – Obama Chides Spain Over Their Budget Woes? – The Parson Goes Improv – A Shout Out To UFC Politician, Chael Sonnen – A McMahon Wants To Body Slam A Blumenthal

Mail Call – Correcting A Confused Cop

More Mail Call – Responding To A Beloved Female Listener – Shiny Happy People Round Up – Citizens & Candidates With The Initials R.P. – We Don’t Have A Parliament Or A Knesset

Brain On Liberal – A Repeat Winner, Chris Matthews! – A Huge Recollection Of ‘The Good Old Days’ – Lemon Drops

Ted Turner Finds God – Rachel Maddow Is All Vibraty & Other News

Tijuana Jail – Arizona Immigration Law – (Michael Posner, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano & P.J. Crowley Get Grilled) – America, Merciless On Immigration, Mexico Just Wonderful! – Michael Savage Gets A Really, Really Dumb Caller

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Learning Brother Stage Up On R.P. – Thoughts On Miss America – The Cleaner Learns Up The Parson

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – Signs Of The Apocalypse – Felipe Calderone Intrudes On America’s Business – We Were WRONG About The Arizona Immigration Law – Luke’s Nuggets

A Shout Out To Katie – The House That Built Me



  1. Ok, ok… the reason WHY I’m late in responding to 5/20/10 show… I wrote it on the site and it kicked me out. I was mad, but finally forgave the uncommonshow.com for deleting it and so I’m just now responding. READY?

    Holy cow… Savage listener. It’s sad, but I believe she may be in the majority of young Americans who have no clue what America is, how she became great and why we are fighting for her survival. There are a lot of “good” people out there who are just not educated on the facts. Before I was saved, I was pretty clueless. I was a moderate liberal because I felt instead of thought. I was busy writing poems about how evil war was instead of reading history. The majority of my education has come from the Bible and Grace Gospel Fellowship. I have learned more in 20 yrs at GGF then all my public schooling.

    My dearest Pastor… This is the first and last time you will most likely see this word, so savor it, k?
    TOUCHE’. I bow to the master. This grasshopper is humbly corrected.
    I hear you. SHP’s are fake. I get it.

    oh, wait, wait… um, did you say something? I’m sorry, I was using my mushy female selective hearing again… tee hee hee

    Moving on to the next item on the agenda…

    Now, about raising hands: You knew you were going to get heck for this, right???
    I have (when so moved) raised my hands to our Awesome Lord and Savior. At Christian concerts, in times of great trials and when the Lord has revealed a little more of Himself to me through the studying of His Word. I have been so moved w/ tears of joy that I have lifted my hands to His Majesty! David danced for the Lord. I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure his hands were in the air, CF. I’m also pretty sure he was NOT a SHP. According to your definition, I’m not one either and I believe there is a time and place for it. You raise up hands for politics or sports celebrations. Why do you have a prob w/ believers sincerely praising the Greatest Person in the universe w/ hands high??? Let this question marinate in your mind Bro. Looking forward to hearing your retraction on the next show :)

    Love “The house that built me”. Great song… thanks Katie!
    Did you guys listen to “I’m still a guy” yet??? if not, please do so. You will enjoy it. My hubby dislikes country, but LOVES this song.

    In Christ,
    Mushy Female Listener

  2. John Kirkwood /

    The only one on your block to order the Stones? Where did you live Art, the 4th Congressional District in Georgia? I’ll meet you at the schoolyard for a little fast-pitch and then a slurpee after, as soon as I’m done cutting the grass.

  3. Artskoe /

    First! Second, a shout out to Drewcifer the prodewcifer, the volume gaffs are all but gone – good job Drew!

    Funniest show yet. I laughed and misted up with the sandlot segment. I go back a bit futher: we had to erect our own backstop and mow the field before we could play in a field next to the toll road in south Des Plaines (Orchard Place). When THE bat cracked we drilled a hole and inserted a screw to keep the only Ernie Banks model bat we had going, and black electrical tape replaced the cover of the ball. I went back years later and it was a park district field professionally groomed with infield grass and lights for night ball. Somehow, the field looked sadder.

    R.P.= Rick Perry. At least he has a chest. But drones on the border? Come on, Rick, you need boots on the ground.

    If McCain had sounded like this while running for president, he might have won. Back then he was hinting at amnesty.

    Live call in audio? Why not live stream? Go against Bill O’Reilly on Thursday nights. Like the B-cast add a chat room on the side (let the ladies SEE Luke and have the Cleaner dress as Oliver O. Oliver in a Ray Rayner tribute.

    WHAT? Tongues is FAKE??? How am I going to prove I am superior in gifts now.

    I’d like a sidebar with your audio comeback links. “YOU get no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    There are Jewish shiny happy people! Just watch Judge Judy.

    Ridling got dissed by Megan Fox because he buried her face in the Petra sand in T2 and I was a shiny happy person when she got a sand facial in slo-mo. Besides, she looks 15 years Shia’s senior…get someone with a girl next door appearance instead of a hot biker girl that loses it when the bombing starts. How come SHE didn’t administer CPR? That scene was totally sexist.

    You talk about drinks I talk food. Oh, the Plush Pup on Lee St. near downtown Des Plaines. Wow.

    BUT I never made it to the arcade, sadly. I saved my quarters and over the years I have collected a monster collection of soap scum foam as I deposited the quarters in the car was machine. And that’s the story of my destitution

    I was born in 1951 and all my life I had hair rules. At Maine West, Moody Bible Institute then as a pastor and in various other businesses. Now I’m retired and I am finally a righteous hippie with should length hair. Peace out, man.

    Yea, what with the remakes? Karate Kid with Jackie Chan? Can you say Netflicks?

    Finally, you mentioned grace in your mini-theology segment. I would say to The Cop: ENJOY GRACE and relax. The is only one life per person and it goes by too fast to be worrying about hypocrisy. Are you married? Does everything your wife says please you? Do you point fingers or love her more when she shows she is human? It works, try it.

    Finally, nothing about Michele’s dress? Or were you trying to avoid the cleavage subject on this one?

    Finally, pray for the industries that depend on the gulf for their livelihood. We don’t want anymore lost jobs, like fishermen, and boat crews, and rig workers.

    Finally, look for me a the Cubs/Rangers game Friday night, 3rd base side. I’m the one who look like a Hippie blonde Jesus but a little older. I’m bringing my whip. If anyone allows me supreme power I will:

    1 Force all school children to read a take home paper of the AZ immigration law to their parents, in both languages if needed.

    Finally, I asked Steve McGarret of 5-o to check with the governor for special permission to seek the birth certificate

    Finally, GO BLACKHAWKS!Go Martz and Chester Taylor.


    PS. Sad that you boys didn’t get too see Little Theatre with Andy Star. Straw hat and fuller brush mustache, he would show my boys Moe, Larry and Curly. Jews who were entertainers who would stunt your growth – forgive the pun. DID anyone in our audience ever get to play the Grand Prize Game on Bozo?

    Finally, I was the only one on my block, class, whatever who ordered Rolling Stones from the Columbia Record Club. When the Stones went on TV, however, they lost a lot of glam factor. But good sounds.

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