Uncommon Sense Webcast – May 13, 2010

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Intro – The Parson’s Confession – A Night With Sarah… …And Amy – A Stupid Cowboy – A Prediction

Amy Jacobson & Raquel Welch – The Parson Distracts The Cleaner With Blondes – The Cleaner Pays Tribute To His Favorite Commie – Gaffe Masters – The Cleaner’s Chia Commies

Leonidas Award – A Man With A Chest, N.J. Governor Christie – What Would We Say If We Were President Palin’s Press Secretary

The Parson Tries To Save Face, But Fails! – Dark Knight Award- David Horowitz Confronts A Bone Chilling Young Woman – What To Do With Islam?

Breaking News!! Sandy & Megyn, Together On FOX – Brigham Young’s Gay Progressive Grand Daughter – Benjamin Netanyahu Quotes The Bible – What’s Up With Glenn Beck?

Theological Segment – He’s Baaaaaaaacccckkkk – The Return Of Ted Haggard – Forgive, But Don’t Forget

The Cleaner’s Batknife – A Bronx Tale – The CBO’s New #s – 2 New Obama Oddities – The Problem With Highland Park – Recalling Michelle & Lunchboxes – JUST SAY THANK YOU, DAMMIT!!!

Interview With Pastor Al Cleveland, Pt. #1 – On John 3:16 – The Mission of God – A Pastor’s Integrity

Interview With Pastor Al Cleveland, Pt. #2 – Manhattan Declaration – Big Government & Endangered Christians – Standing & State – The Mind Of Christ

Interview With Pastor Al Cleveland, Pt. #3 – Hope, Even Now – Truth – Cultural Shifts – Unhinged Wives & Daughters – False Teachers – The Problem With The Modern Church

Making Fun Of Brother Pitbull – An Ode To Our Favorite Liberals – A Very Silly Segment

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Iron Man 2 (Caution, Spoilers Ahead) – Luke’s Nuggets – Machine Gun Preacher! – Gerard Butler


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  1. Artskoe /

    We come here not to bury Glenn Beck, but to praise him. Please, men, you seem to spend more time defending the use of his quotes than actually finding good content. I DO wish you could spend 1/2 hour in a broken elevator with Beck, and see if he comes out with the “it is finished” truth. I remember him on TV shaking with flowing tears when the last ‘high prophet’ died. His testimony is over the top filled with “first I was Catholic then I was a drunk then I found the truth of Moroni.” I have seen it. I pray for him, but I also see him so often with his CA. Mormon friend who is determined to give all his money away (I forget his name). I’m with you on his good patriot stuff, but Wall Builders is so much more positive in everything they touch. That would make Beck common, WB uncommon? I guess I’m saying, just sayin’ – He is still cloaked. Let’s take a more wait and see, and pray, before we continue week after week going on and on GB. A TRUE believer must renounce (repent?) the myth of the golden tablets, otherwise there’s a Jim Jones lurking under there, and we must hold back FULL support. Besides, aren’t YOU two attempting to be THE Evangelicals in the forefront? Go for it!

    Otherwise, thanks for a good show!

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