Uncommon Webcast – April 22, 2010

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Intro – Interrupted by the Hilton – This Day In History – Algore Reads a Nice Poem – Happy Earth Day – Cavities – What In The World Is Earth Day, Anyway?

See No Qur’an, Hear No Qur’an – Patriot Col. Allen West – The REAL Enemy Of America – Cleaner & Parson Argue Yet Again

Why The Cleaner Looks At Bumper Stickers – Christian Pacifism – COEXIST Nonsense

Brain on Liberal, David Gregory of ‘Meet the Press.’

It’s Come To This, Paper Food – An Uncommon Call In, Sharon Angle, Candidate For Senator In Nevada – The Unseen Problems With Representatives’ Voting – Sharon’s Magnificent Prayer For America

Wrap Up On Sharron Angle – The ‘Deborahs’ Of This Country – The Death Of The Libertarian Party

Anchored Down In (Fairbanks) Alaska – The Cleaner’s Fairbanks Experience – A New Brother and Son In Law – The Power of Proper Witnessing

Wrapping Up Alaska – A Unitarian Minister Becomes A Christian Minister – The Manhattan Declaration – The Worst Song Of All Time!

An Uncommon Interview With Our Very Own Lynn Keller – A Private Citizen Running For Office As a Write In And Winning!

Actually, Asteroids *ARE* Falling, Mr. President – Continuing On With The Shiny Happy People – Dirty Harry Goes To Church – Prosperity Gospels & Other Incorrect Messages

What? No Outrage Over Christians ‘Faking’ Tongues? – What We Really Mean By ‘Shiny Happy People’ – Pointing Out Error, But Not On An Individual Level, Rather, A Corporeal One



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  2. John Kirkwood /

    Thanks Art,
    I actually condone the advice you received in Bible School. A Shepherd swims at his own risk when he delves into deep relationships with those of his flock and that can feel like a degree of isolation. I think we have both seen the risks play out to the detriment of the assembly on a number of occasions; many times ending in church splits.
    The Cleaner and I developed a friendship prior to my becoming a Pastor and it is my privilege to have him as a friend and a confidant. Nice to know you are still our “Dances with Lone Star” representative in the greatest state in the Union.
    Until that time
    Spes Mea en Deo
    The Parson

  3. Artskoe /

    I attended Bible College in the Pastoral Training program. One of the warnings they emphasized is that the pastor cannot get close friends in the congregations, sue to possible jealousy of the others.

    I so glad you two have made your friendship work. I know, Parson, that you do not neglect your assembly members, and maybe Dave is more like an assistant pastor to you. It’s good to see. I tired back in the 70’s to have that kind of relationship and it almost split the church from jealousy. Thanks for showing men that they can have a close personal friend and still guide the lives of everyone who loves grace.

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