Uncommon Show Webcast – April 15, 2010

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Intro – An Ambush Gone Bad – Shiny Happy People – Jennifer Knapp, Oooops

Idiot! – Drewcifer’s Confession – 4 Square Gospel Fun – Praise Report!

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – LIVE From Daley Plaza – Tea Party Coverage

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – Live Interviews From Daley Plaza (Pardon The Audio, We Did The Best We Could.)

Chicago’s Jihad Maniac – Problems With Prisons – More “Unexpected” Unemployment Jobs – Sarkozy Thinks Obama Is Insane – Finger In The Face

“Hello, Hello, Is The Lunatic Obama There?” – Israel & Obama – This Day In History

One More Great ‘This Day In History’ Example – Theological Segment – Why Be Concerned With The ‘Day Of Silence,’ Anyway? – “Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin,” Can It Be Done?

Laurie Higgins -Illinois Family Institute, Department of School Advocacy – Update On the ‘Day Of Silence’ – Bias in the High Schools

Laurie Higgins -Illinois Family Institute, Department of School Advocacy – Problems With Schools – Dealing With Homosexuality – What To Do On The ‘Day Of Silence’ – *It’s Coming*

***WARNING*** This Segment Contains EXTREMELY Graphic Language From Real People Having Called And Left Messages After Having Seen The Video ‘Dare Two Stand’ – Real Calls, Real People, Real Human Nature On Display – Audio From The Movie ‘Dare Two Stand’

People Are Crazy – Orwellian Lunchbox Inspections – 3 Things That Are Sign Of Freedom – Crazy Improved Segment

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN.) Has A Good Laugh At The Expense Of Democrats Suggesting They’re Good On Cutting Taxes – Discussing Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World – DNA & Nephilim (Daniel 2:43) – DNA & Design – Shout Out To Bro. Longshanks – Billy Currington’s ‘People Are Crazy’



  1. lukehamilton /

    Thanks Artskoe for the breather-

    The boys and I hashed it out today and I’m only missing 1 tooth. 😉

    They know that I love them and that I don’t think they are xenophobes (nor Progressives). I appreciate the work that they do each week on this show and we are all striving for the same thing: to magnify Christ.

    – Stage

    PS, Don’t go too much farther west. The “green” crowd gets more prevalent the further west you go. There are pockets of rational minds, but they’re few and far between. :)

  2. Artskoe /

    I’ve spent 18 wonderful seasons refereeing basketball, so I’m blowing the whistle for a time out. Just a 20 second one so you guys can catch your breath while you plot strateegery for the next show.

    I see Luke’s point, in that Ms. Knapp is but one small dot on the battlefield. We’ve lost some wonderful human beans to the devil along the way. But Paul’s reaction to Demas was – LET him go to the devil, if that’s what he wants.

    The real fight is whole, huge denominations full of unhealthy doctrine and the Jim Wallis’ who represent them. Grace seems to always make a comeback, though, and our huddling up ought to be US vs THEM instead of “We have found the enemy, and it IS us!”

    Now go flick that lil’ bit of Knapp dust off your boots and start the marching. I’ll do what I can from here. Now, back to the hoops…

    Love yas, brothers.

  3. Dave Steiger /

    Oh, great. I’ve gone from being a “xenophobe” to a “Progressive” in one day flat. Color me lost.


  4. John Kirkwood /

    Are you setting me up to look like a bully? I’m going to lay down and you could field the email love letters about
    me for a change.

  5. lukehamilton /

    I can’t wait to learn what reaction/opinion I should have had to the segments.

    Try not to go too Progressive on me tomorrow okay, dudes? I’m not saying, I’m just sayin’..

  6. Dave Steiger /

    And let me add, “xenophobic” we’re not. I’ve been accused of a great many things in my life, some nasty & even true, but never xenophobia. Fact is, I’m not, not even when I was unsaved.

    Just sayin’…


  7. John Kirkwood /

    Milk was about Carnality Luke; Castration was about Salvation. You’re swinging at Windmills Don Quixote and not answering any of my points. Seems like we’ve hit a nerve. Unless you didn’t listen close enough were some of the people that helped you along Snake Handlers (Dave’s Reference) or do you really expect me to believe you would feel comfortable with Snake Handlers, Oral Roberts and not with Thomas Paine or Christopher Hitchens. If you’re telling me that Kooks who happen to be Christian have never made you uncomfortable then you are either a new believer or your a bubble boy but you’re not sincere. Shiny Happy People is a reference to the show people put on so I don’t know why anyone who that doesn’t describe gets worked up about it. The Defensive pose seems out of touch. As for disillusionment – there shouldn’t be any. That’s the point you are missing. The fact that there are those who feel disillusionment over the failure of a fellow believer is the issue. Did you feel the same when Tammy Faye Baker or her husband were exposed, or not so much because they couldn’t carry a tune?
    You seem to continue to want to play the What Would Paul Do game so I’ll play along. I don’t think he would be on the UnCommonShow guffawing nor do I think he would be doing popcorn prayers around the totem pole, handling snakes or laying hands on people and washing each other’s feet. Do You?
    This is a teachable moment and we’ll take it on on tomorrow’s show. Just save the straw men and the windmills for tomorrow.

  8. lukehamilton /

    Weren’t Paul’s rebukes that you’re referencing (milk, castration, etc) tied to legalistic bumbling of the salvation message? Not sure those examples apply here since no one is perverting the salvation message. Do you really think Parson, that Paul would be slapping his knee along with you dudes, guffawing about people using the phrase “praise report”? I know loving, normal, strong believers who use phrases like that. Some of these believers have contributed to my spiritual foundation (as both of you have). Nothing WWJD about it chief, I just fail to see how relishing the disillusionment that fellow brothers and sisters in Christ must be feeling after Miss Knapp’s failure is charitable, edifying, or accommodating. Seems to me like it’s an opportunity to reach out and teach, not to point and laugh.

    You always say that while the so-called Grace Movement is long on knowledge, it’s thin on love and that what those segments smacked of to me.

    Just my honest reaction, gents. I’m sure there’s a lot that I’ve misunderstood.


  9. John Kirkwood /

    Xenophobia? Really? That’s like calling me homophobic because I have an incessant fear of Thespians. ‘Not that there’s anything wrong with that.’ I’m starting to wonder what Kool-Aid brother Stage is swilling that has clouded his vision so. The Doctrine of Accommodation is for individuals not movements, churches, cults, etc. We did not mock the individual – Jennifer Knapp; we said she needs prayer. We mocked the epsilon semi-morons who have posters of her and give her Dove awards.
    As for the WWPD and WWJD nonsense you posed. I don’t know if telling the Corinthians that they still suckle their Mama’s teat is mockery (I Cor 3:2) or that he may have to give them a spanking (I Cor 4:21); but I’m sure whatever it is it wouldn’t be in the Shiny Happy Epsilon’s Praise Report. Nor would telling the Galatians to go castrate themselves. Hmm, come to think of it, didn’t Jesus say to a Church that he would spit them out? Paul also told the Corinthians to deliver a man in sexual perversion to the Devil; while we just asked for prayer for Miss Knapp. Hmm.
    Maybe, brother stage has Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. For those of you who live in 4th District of Georgia that’s a fear of long words or maybe just Allodoxaphobia- Fear of opinion.
    The Parson

  10. Artskoe /

    Well I am in Colorado for a vacation. I have never in my life had “green” shoved in my face as much as this place. All ads have gone green and most residents I meet want to trash the state capital with plastic water bottles in rebellion. The great debate here is medical marijuana and who the Broncos will pick first. It’s funny how Kyle Orton hasn’t been seen endorsing a single product.

    Looking forward to your next show..Artskoe

  11. Dave Steiger /


    – an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.

    Us? Really? Seems like you’re playing a little too much hardball on the parson & the Cleaner, Brother Stage.

    Just sayin’!


  12. lukehamilton /

    Man, you guys went pretty xenophobic in the first couple of segments.

    I’m with Drucifer on this one. Hard to imagine Paul condoning the mockery of the weak Corinthian believers. Also hard to imagine him feeling more at home with the adherents of Diana than the aforementioned weak believers in Corinth.

  13. Dave Steiger /

    FELL ASLEEP? During *that* segment? Wow, and here I thought we were being too intense!!

    “Ooh, it’s a tough crowd, I tell ya, a tough crowd…”

    Forever yours,


  14. John Kirkwood /

    Colorado? You left Texas? That says something about your judgment but I’ll watch Logan’s Run anyway. Fell asleep? We are the Christian Worldview with a double shot of espresso and you fell asleep? Must be the thin air up a mile high.
    P.S. Your Broncos Head Coach is ruining your team as fast as Obama is ruining … well everything. Fill us in on the move.
    Until that time,
    The Parson

  15. Artskoe /

    PS Comment section needs an edit button that gives 3-5 minutes before becoming forever etched on the internet, AND when you go video be sure to go 3-D so we can almost smell John’s freedom smoke. Later then.

  16. Artskoe /

    Long show guys. I fell asleep during the start of the theological segment, and a moment later woke up to Al Bundy and Beavis & Butthead. I lugged out my 1973 Strongs and looked up all those words and guess what? Not found. I did find something close to butt head but this is a family show unless otherwise advised.

    OK, Cleaner, I get you like Mikes Hard Lemonade (life coping mechanism?) and movies with warrior chicks that look like Putin. Now we need a theological segment on Joan of Arc, liquor consumption and since you are both married, talk about these things from a singles’ point of view. Go to the 14th grade, for instance. We need an education on how to turn that generation around without asking Campus Crusade or Wheaton College for help.

    Finally, I am still a little peeved not one of you has bothered to check out the movie Logan’s Run. That alone should have brought me at least an honorable mention due to the government control of society, and shows a fight for freedom on par (or better than) with William Wallace – but it’s science fiction. “The City” was paradise and no one questioned why anyone would want to leave, until Logan is sent on a special mission. I’m telling you in has a Christian message! Watch it twice before you make your final judgement, and judge not badly that ye shall be judged. = ) – – – Love Yas – – – ARTSKOE (now in Colorado)

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