Uncommon Show Webcast – April 1, 2010

*If you are having difficulty playing the show; right click on segment and ‘open link in new window.’

Intro – Drewcifer Replaces the Cleaner – The Breakup

“Is He Is Smarter Than Us?” – Health Care – Drewcifer & Dr. Phil – An Uncommon Interruption – The Parson’s Shitzu Shirt

Theological Segment – ‘Shiny Happy People’ – Drewcifer’s Time to ‘Shine’

Brain on Liberal – Matthew Modine – “Hey Man, Why Are You So Angry With Us?

“Saving Drewcifer” – A Little More on Shiny Happy People

“Shoop” or “Shoot?” – The Cleaner’s Gift to a Fine Student – Restraining Anger – A Sad Sight if There Ever Was One – Praising & Arguing O’Reilly

Guam May Capsize!! – Democrats Embarrassing Democrats – Capsizing, The Demise of Atlantis? – Tycho Brahe’s Nose Really WAS Hacked Off!

A Warning to the Cleaner – Farrakhan, Unhinged – Uncommon Analysis

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Claire McCaskill Tells Castro to Shut Up – ‘Sons of Issachar’ – Animal Farm & “Mmm Mmm Mmm…”

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – More Animal Farm – “Squealer” – ‘Beltway’ Bob – Putin in ‘The Expendables’ – Luke’s Nuggets – “You’re Harshing My Buzz, Man!” – The Cleaner’s Nugget – More Luke’s Nuggets

Interview With Richard Dawkins, Noted Author & Atheist


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