Uncommon Show Webcast – March 25, 2010

*If you are having difficulty playing the show; right click on segment and ‘open link in new window.’

Intro – IRS Jobs – Our Washington Trip – Miss Brazil & Tito the Builder – REAL Americans – Rush, Beck & Dangerous People

Obama Has Lost Mad Magazine – Castro LOVES Obama’s Health Care Plan! – Obama & Playing Chess – Moral Equivalency, Really?

Over? NOTHING is over till we say it’s over! – 62% Want the Republicans to Overturn the Bill – The Unheard Masses – State Run Media – An American Idiot on the Mall – ‘CharlieJason21’ on YouTube

Brain(s) on Liberal – Dick ‘Turban’ Durbin – Maxine ‘This Liberal’ Waters – Steny Hoyer – Al (Not So) Sharpton – Jim Dingell(berry) – ‘Squealer’ Joe Biden & More From CharlieJason21

Miss Brazil (Now Miss America),- Ana Puig! – What It Means To Be A True American

More With Ana Puig – Some Interesting Political Facts

Theological Segment – Israel Talk – Obama Throwing Israel Under the Bus – Hal Lindsay On U.S. – Israeli Relations

Recounting Our Washington DC Experience

The Hypocrisy of President Obama – The Liberals’ Playbook – Moral & Civil Right?

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Bart ‘Stunad’ Stupak – Settling A Bet – The Mechanics of Democratic Success & Failure

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – The Cleaner’s ‘Stunad’ Rant – The Expendables, the Greatest Movie of ALL TIME!! – An Uncommon Recommendation – One More Word From CharlieJason21 & Tony Soprano


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