Congressman Stupak’s Legacy – An Adjective

(Below is a copy of the letter I sent to Congressman Bart Stupak today.)

Congressman Stupak,

The purpose of this letter is to let you know my thoughts regarding the decision to reverse your health care bill vote yesterday.

My first thought is this: You shall forever be memorialized in the American lexicon of verbiage as having created a new adjective – a ‘Stupak.’

Yes, that’s correct. You, like Benedict Arnold, Judas, Che, and other such infamous human beings before you, have now become your own adjective. Your name will be synonymous with the type of action that has people pretending to be ‘something’ but ultimately reversing that ‘something’ into the exact opposite of what was originally claimed. A ‘Stupak.’

Example – “Hey did you hear that Mayor Smith went back on his pledge to widen Main Street? He pulled a ‘Stupak’ after making the promise during the campaign!” This is now your legacy, the legacy of your children and of your son’s children.

You claim to be “pro-life?” Obviously not! Your vote proves you to be the exact opposite. If you expect anyone with even a slight awareness of the times to accept the notion that you truly believe the single most pro-abortion President in the history of our country has any interest in satisfying your ‘run for cover’ request to amend that wretched bill, well, sir, you are a most disingenuous individual, indeed. “Executive Order?” From a man who voted AGAINST the ‘Illinois Infant Born Alive Protection Act?” You are familiar with it, no?

President Obama actually, honestly, ‘as a matter of fact’ believes that if a human being manages to SURVIVE an abortion attempt that it’s acceptable to allow said human being to be left die. LEFT… TO… DIE… That’s inhuman, it should have disqualified Mr. Obama from ever having been considered for the presidency, yet you believe that an ‘Executive Order’ from such a person has any merit?

You could have been a hero, Congressman Stupak. A national hero. You had the TV time, you made a name for yourself, people trusted you, you built up hope. (Real hope, unlike the fictional “hope” having been sold to the public by our current president during his campaign.) You made it appear that your decisions were based upon integrity, faith, and a firm foundation. In the end you served as yet another in the long line of politicians managing only to enhance the general public’s belief that no elected representative should ever be trusted. Ever.

If anything good is to come of your cowardly act it is that what you did was offer proof that no Democrat, regardless of public profession to the contrary, is ever a true pro-lifer. You proved that, sir, at least you made that much of a contribution. Now, may we never forget.

In closing I’d like to remind you that you’ve disgraced yourself, your family and anyone who believed in you enough to cast a vote your way. You let them down. After all the fuss, after all the face time on TV, you let them down.

You also let God down. If you’re a Christian – and I sincerely hope that you are – allow me to make it more personal for you: You let the Lord Jesus Christ down.

You had it within your hands to do something magnificent, something (positively) memorable for the ages, but in the end all you managed to do was weaken a nation and create a new adjective in the process. A ‘Stupak.’ Get used to it, sir, it’s not going away anytime soon.

Oh, one more thought. I do believe you are fully aware that your job as a public servant is now on borrowed time. However, I see no need to update that resume, congressman. Not at all. My advice? Put in a call to Planned Parenthood, NARAL, or any other organization solely devoted to death of humanity, and let them know that come the end of the year you’ll be available. Trust me on this, even if their board spots are all filled up they’ll create a special position just for you. Aim high, too, you never know. How does CEO sound?


David Steiger
Crystal Lake, Illinois



  1. Dave Steiger /

    Thanks Nelson, and I knew that. Call it ‘Artistic License,’ if you like, that’d be fine by me!



  2. Nelson /

    Outstanding article brother but Stupak is not an adjective when used as it was in your letter.

  3. lukehamilton /

    A harsh letter, but deservedly so. Good stuff.

    Thanks for taking the time to travel and represent us this weekend, Cleaner. Y’all made us proud!

  4. John Cronin /

    Welcome back from Washington brothers, we love you.
    Now, an argument I have used with certain people concerning the health care bill.
    Let’s throw out the Founding Fathers and all talk of limited government, and the 10th amendment. Heck, let’s get rid of the whole Constitution and let’s pretend that the USA was founded as a completely secular republic in 1976 instead of a Constitutional Christian republic in 1776. If we do all of this, we still have a gargantuan problem: WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING TO COME FROM?
    You see, the federal government and all of its “insurance” programs are broke.
    Social Security…..BROKE
    And now the Leftists want to create a brand new entitlement program promising every American (and every “undocumented” “worker” on our soil) government funded health care FOR LIFE.
    If the USA was a private business applying for a loan to expand operations, it would be laughed out of the loan office (unless Barney Frank was behind the desk) and told never to return. If a private corporation used the same accounting tricks that the Democrats and Obama have used in selling this bill, these same Leftists would be screaming bloody murder.

    To me it is very simple….if the existing programs of our American welfare state have tens of trillions, yes TENS of TRILLIONS of dollars in un-funded liabilities, why on earth would we create another one? To turn our grandchildren into wage slaves of the state? Why don’t more people see this?

  5. davesteiger /


    Would you like to see how bad Congressman Stupak felt after betraying himself, his family and everyone he knew? Here you go, he felt this bad:

    Partied until dawn, this lying coward did. He partied.

    The Cleaner…

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