As I write this, compromising information gleaned by opposition research teams and bare knuckle dragging ‘private dicks’ is being pulled from manila envelopes and displayed behind the tinted glass of a Limousine, after hours in a congressional office, even on Air Force I.  It is the Kobayashi moment.  Barack ‘Keyser Söze’ Obama will draw the last 5 votes from the most vulnerable Democrats still undecided by making them a deal they can’t refuse.  If he lacks a manila envelope full of seedy ‘John Edwards’ tell me bout it, he’ll fill the envelope with TARP slush money or blueprints for a new hospital.  A hospital with a ‘Dennis Kucinich’ wing.   Tonight, while we sleep, the Sopranofication of the greatest Constitutional Republic in world history will be fully underway as wavering Democrats wake up like an innocent virgin in the clutches of the vampire Lestat.  And the fate of the American experiment resting on the integrity of a handful of Democrats?

God Help Us All!



  1. John Kirkwood /

    Très Bien, mon frère Fernandez. For those of you who had a public school education, Nelson, mon ami, was referencing Louis XIV’s “I am the State” but your reference to Barry being the King of the Night is puzzling – Is he trying out for Phantom of the Opera or is it just a conversation he was having with the Prince of Darkness:
    “Were I not Barack Hussein Obama I would be Ozzy Osbourne?”
    Strength and Honor
    The Parson

  2. Nelson Fernandez /

    “L’Etat, C’Est Moi” !
    Barry I
    le Roi de la Nuit

  3. John Kirkwood /

    Or as Billy Graham once said, “You’re Born, You Suffer, You Die; fortunately there is a loophole.

  4. Artskoe /

    All in the name of covert transparency, this is Obamanocracy in action.

    Somewhere my name is already on a death panel list. As I reach 60 next year, my “Logan’s Run” red light is blinking and the sandmen are getting ready to terminate.

    Fortunately, there IS sanctuary, and it IS in the shape of a cross.

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