Uncommon Show Webcast – March 11, 2010


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Intro – New Rules for Politicians – Enough With the Apologies Already – The Parson’s Lame Apology

Jihad Jane & Burkas – New Lombardi Flick – “Maven?” What’s a “Maven” – This Day in History – The Cleaner’s Top 10 Movies, #10 & #9

The Cleaner’s Top 10 Movies, Continued, #8 -#4

The Cleaner’s Top 10 Movies, Continued, #3 -#1 – The Parson’s Top 10, #10 – #8 – Stupid Songs

The Parson’s Top 10, #7 – #1 – (A Song for Holbo)

All About Rocky – Discussion of the Passion – The Cleaner’s Weaker Side

More on the Passion – Ripping on the Listeners’ Picks – Movies that Made Us Cry – Ripping on Dan & Nick’s Picks

More Dissing of the Listeners’ Picks – Bond & Mrs. Cleaner’s Picks

WE CAN CHANGE! – Worst Pick, Independence Day – Final Shot at Dissing the Listeners’ Picks – The 10 BEST Christian Movies of All Time? – Babette’s Feast?

Babette & Elephants – Obama vs. SCOTUS

Obama & Fredo, Birds of a Feather – An Uncommon Interruption! Thank You Matt, My Prayer Warrior Brother – Theological Segment, The Difficulty With Praying

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Brother Stage’s Top 10 Picks

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – More on Movies With Brother Stage – Honorable Mentions and the Two Winners – And the Winners Are… – A Shout Out to the New Show “Justified”



  1. The Parson /

    Well Holly,
    I must apologize that my admission of guilt and request for forgiveness did not manifest as a sincere expression of regret. My confession was offered as an act of contrition and in no way would I proffer a pathetic excuse just to achieve a stop gap and risk the intimacy that I have nurtured with my audience. If my confession was a poor example and in any way seemed a pretense or an imitation to justify my view that Johnny Cash was a great songwriter and a lousy singer then I must once again offer my apologies. Let me be clear and make no mistake, I am sorry that my words were found to be offensive by those thin skinned, tone deaf, bandwagon hopping now that he’s a dead icon, worshippers. Please accept my sincere regret and don’t allow my harsh honesty to upset your appreciation of third rate music.
    Is that better?

  2. Holly Shields /

    So um, Parson, that’s one of the lamest apologies I’ve heard lately.

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