Contest winners!


It wasn’t easy, but we’ve managed to select two winners for the Uncommon Show Top Ten Movie List.  It was hard to pick, but the two best lists belong to PAUL and JOHN ROGALSKI.  Congratulations gents on a job well done, and thank you to all the entrants who sweated it out over trying to fit a lifetime’s worth of great films into 10 spots.

For some Uncommon analysis on these lists and more films, check out the most recent show.  Thanks as always for tuning in!



  1. lukehamilton /

    Well I have to say Roger, given the fact that you are a bit of a lunatic politically, you endorsing the Parson’s list is probably the kiss-of-death around these parts. I mean what’s next? Howard Dean going to advise that John should run for office??

  2. Richard Roeper /

    The Cleaner needs to venture outside the Action/Adventure category on his netflix queue. There is more to movie history then the Gerard Butler box set.

  3. Roger Ebert /

    I must say I think this fellow ‘the Parson’ had the best list going away.

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