Uncommon Show Webcast – February 25, 2010

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Intro – Shamu Goes a Little Goofy -The AP is SHOCKED Yet Again – A President and His Judges

The Parson’s Top 10 Greatest Rock Albums of All Time

The Cleaner’s Top 10 Greatest Rock Albums of All Time

Top 10 Album Wrap Up – Presbyterians Gone Mad – Huffington Post Goes ‘Coexist’

The New Tower of Babel – Kieth Olbermann Gets ‘Punked’ – Tea Party Talk

Crazy Government on the Matter of Foreclosures – Blair House Project – President Obama is *Special* – What is Reconciliation? – Obama’s King’s Gambit – Accepted or Declined? – How About Some REAL Reconciliation? – Spicoli’s Approach!

Thank You, All Our Listeners – E-Sword Plug – What the Democrats REALLY Thought About Reconciliation When The Republicans Were in the Majority

“Food Fight!!” – Chuckleberry Dim – FLOTUS & Her ‘Fat’ Children

Algore Update – Theological Segment; Salvation & Eternal Security Via Grace Through Faith Throughout All of Human History

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – Brother Stage’s New Music – Luke’s Top 10 Best Albums of All Time – Picking on Oregon

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – Review of Dead Snow, Uncommon Show Style – The Crazies – Random Thoughts & Wrap Up



  1. Ok Pastor and Teacher…
    1. Im a new mommy, but not, nor will I be a soccer mommy… I dont listen to B96 music, but I am a mushy female and proud of it…God made me that way, bros!
    2. I do defend brother Luke, though he is doesnt need it. And we “Luke followers” are not mindless lumps of emotion. We just want to follow Paul’s example about encouraging the brother who is being persecuted…
    3. Where was Heart, Rush, Kansas and Ygnwie on your list of Albums???
    Im praying for both of you.
    Love the show!
    Your mushy female Luke fan,

  2. Katie /

    Love listening, you make guys me wonder if my Pragertopia membership is worth it! I hope to pick your brains for a posting of top films or must see movies. It would be great to have somewhere to turn when the Queue is running low. Dave great idea about the GOP commercial with Hillary telling the president he is taking a step too far. How do we get that done!~ Are we hearing any Repulicans stand up and raise heck over the 51 vote.


  3. lukehamilton /

    Guns N Roses? Heard them on the oldies station last week, Parson. Don’t throw out the “fogie” card too quickly, my friend..

    -Brutha Stage

  4. johnjkirkwood /

    Before Art and the Cleaner start rubbing oil all over one another I just want you to know that my Father-In-Law once hitch hiked to a Mothers of Invention concert. Now I know that I was just a gleam in my father’s eye while you two were squeezing into your bell bottoms and jumping in your Chevelle to go to the drive-in or the roller rink, but the fact that Guns N Roses aint on your radar screen just screams that you are too old and it’s getting too loud. And no, those posers Bon Jovi should not be mentioned in the same breath as Slash, Axl, Duff and the boys. What is it you seniors used to say, Peace and Love, While we say
    Strength and Honor
    The Parson

  5. Dave Steiger /


    Thanks for the high praise, and man, I thought I might be the lst guy on EARTH who’s still hip to the WCPAEB. I’ll throw out a jam for you on the next show!

    The theological segments are my favorite, I love doing them, it’s both a privilege and a pleasure.

    We would oove to do a ‘DittoCam’ live, but we’re basically penniless, so that’s probably not going to happen any time soon. however, we *are*, really, going to shot for a radio gig on one of the big AM stations this year.


    We like exposing O’Reilly for the moral equivalency guy he is. Most can’t see it, we do.



  6. Artskoe /

    Are you guys hinting that sometime in Oh-10 (this year) you are going VIDEO as well?!?! That would be awesome, including spinning music. (But you can find a better sponsor than Amp).

    Dave, your brain MUST be preserved when you die the physical death. Every one of your top 10 albums are (at least you explain them as) concept or breakout albums. So I propose sub genres – you almost got there – like top 10 garage bands, etc., so obscure albums like West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Vol. II and Zappa fit in somewhere.

    Finally, the best segment this show is theological. It makes me miss Jim. My wish is that his radio show is downloaded to sermonaudio.com or similar. I’m retired and that would give me a lifetime of study until He comes. Keep up the good work.


  7. marianne /

    This show was great! Better then last week. I left the uncommon table full and satisfied! More meat this week and less potatoes. Love it. You guys are talented. Loved the clip of Rush on OReilly. OReilly is a loser “peace police” with a huge ego that is so over the top it makes me gag! He sucks and he is spinning himself in circles because he doesn’t get it. Nice balance between the 2 of you also. Addicted. Looking forward to a great show next week. Marianne

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