Uncommon Show Webcast – February 18, 2010

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Intro – Winter Olympic Wrap Up

This is JEWEL? – More on Curling – The Parson’s New Baby (Sort Of) – Vatican’s Top 10 Album List

More on the Parson’s Baby – Best of the TV Maids – David Caruso, WHY, WHY? – More Baby – On Raising Daughters – Mother’s Little Helper – The Parson Wimps Out

Angie – Immediately Conferred Babe Status – Our Megan’s – Men Being Men – O’Reilly & Beck and Fox News

This is Ozzie? – Kid Rock ROCKS

The Cleaner’s Grand National Moment – Taphophobia & Taphophelia

Latest on Global Warming – The Donald Gets One Right – Real Men, Real Politics

The Golden Age of Rock – Debra Medina, 9/11 Truther? – How to Interpret this Position – Rick Perry & Stuff

Red House – Debra Medina Contradicts Herself – Dalai Lama & Garbage

Brain on Liberal – A Post Christian Europe & Joe Biden

Thank You Rick Santelli – Father of the Tea Party Movement

Elton John on Jesus Christ – The AP is AGAIN Taken By Surprise! – Principles of Job Creation – It’s YOUR MONEY!

Going Crazy Over Liberalism – Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #1 – The Cleaner Gets a ‘Blanket Party’ – All About Poetry (Great Segment if You Love Debates and Always Wanted to See the Cleaner Crushed!)

Hamming It Up With Hamilton, Pt. #2 – More Debates on Poetry – Luke’s Nuggets – David Caruso? – 5 Days Till DEAD SNOW!



  1. johnjkirkwood /

    Sorry but Beck didn’t ambush her, go back and listen to his show and you’ll find out he was a big fan until he was deluged with e-mails about ‘truther rumors’. I’m not sure what it means that he ‘softballs’ Palin – did you mean that he just didn’t make fun of her Down’s Syndrome child or that he didn’t ask her what the capital of Wesukistan is?
    Now when it comes to holding your nose and pulling the lever I think the difference between Texas and Illinois is the difference between fresh linen and Isaiah’s ‘filthy rags’.
    We won’t be crying for the Lone Star state at the UnCommon Show, but there may come a day when you’ll have to help us find a house down there.
    Strength and Honor from behind enemy lines
    The Parson

  2. Artskoe /

    We did have hopes for Debra. But isn’t that the point of all the Republican confusion going on right now? Beck ambushes Medina, softballs Palin. There’s no leadership. Demo’s love the fact that we are shooting ourselves in the foot. If I was Medina, I would’ve asked Beck if he really believed Joe Smith found some golden tablets in New York. But Perry is not without his recent foibles. Kay hasn’t gotten too negative, but all it takes is one or two interviews from Texans that had their property confiscated for hotels under Perry’s approval of eminent domain. Once again, we hold our noses and pull the lever…

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