Illinois Election Special – January 31, 2010

 the elephant whisperer*If you are having difficulty playing the show; right click on segment and ‘open link in new window.’

Hamming it up with Hamilton (in the studio!) – The Book of Eli – The Cleaner & Faeries

Hamming it up with Hamilton, Pt. #2 – More Book of Eli

Election Day Coverage – Special Guest Laurie Higgins

Finishing things up with Brother Stage – Hillary Clinton Meets Office Space



  1. That insight’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  2. Ich bleibe auch bei Dashboard! Ausserdem fehlt meine schöne Heimatstadt und mein Arbeitsplatz! Da finde ich persönlich Accuweather schon besser!LuckyKvD

  3. John,Will certainly pray for your niece.. so sorry to hear that she is falling for the lie. But it seems so easy to fool folks into an LS “belief.”In Christ eternally, Jack

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