Uncommon Sense Webcast – January 21, 2010



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Intro – Hail Scott Brown – Megyn Kelly is ON! – Baby Baracks!

Shot Across the Bow – Jesus Scopes – Who Will Save Harry Reid? – Michelle’s New Coat

Ozzy’s Guitarists – “Surprised” AP – McCain Gets One Right – McCain Gets One Wrong, or Two…

Leonidas Award – Scott Brown!! – BREAKING NEWS – Air America, Pulls the Plug – Differences Between Conservatives & Liberals

This is Your Brain on Liberal – Keith Olbermann Strikes! – FOX News Soars

Waterloo! – ABBA – Why the Dems Lost – The Parson Reads a GREAT Boston Globe Article

More on Why the Democrats Lost – Olbermann & Fineman – What Americans are Really Thinking

American Thinker – Uncommon Analysis

Chris Matthews vs. Howard Dean – Analysis – How Many Torpedoes are Left?

Hamming it up with Hamilton, Pt. #1 – More Scott Brown Analysis – The Parson on the Sandy Rios Show

Hamming it up with Hamilton, Pt. #2 – Nuggets – Dead Snow!! – Final Thoughts



  1. Artskoe /

    Re: State of the Union address. Dear Mr. President, when you state you want to raise taxes on those who make $250,000, you scare me. You see, someone who makes that kind of money just might reason that if he invests 10% of that money in a human and hires someone at $20,000, and that human brings in profit to the company of, say, $40,000. Now along comes the IRS and tells the owner of the company he is over the limit and must be taxed at 50%. $20,000 profit minus 50% = $10,000. It took one year and one employee for company to grow $10,000. It will take another year, or two years total for the company to grow enough to hire another person. How is this going to jump start the economy? Maybe this is too hard for you. If Sally had 2 apples and she gave Joe 2 apple…

  2. Artskoe /

    Hi Guys, great (uncommon) show. I did it! I listened through half of the show before I got your email. Narf! Here’s what’s happening in Texas: 1. The Dallas Morning News let Medina in the 2nd debate. The Nurse bumped up in the polls after the first debate, and what do you want to bet she rides the Scott Brown coattails, even tho she is very pro-life. The debate will be live streamed on Fox DFW or PBS. 2. Someone is burning churches here, 7 so far: http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/news/church-fires-were-arsons,-atf-says ~ That’s it for now, looking forward to your BOE review next week. See ya on face pal.

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