Uncommon Sense Webcast – January 14, 2010



martha coakley

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Intro – The Boys are Back! – A Little Football – Grateful to be Alive & in America

Oooopppps! – Unbelieving Presbyterians – Sports & Faith

Harry Reid – 4 Stages of the Learning Process – Was it Racist?

“Unexpected” Falling Retail Sales & Job Losses – More Harry Reid – Friends of Obama

Race & Double Standards – What Good Ever Came From Canada? –

Obama; Savior or Saboteur? – Spineless Republicans, Defenseless Democrats – 100 Top Conservatives

Top 100 Conservatives, Cont’d.

Finishing up the Top 100 Conservatives – The Parson & the Cleaner Make a Bet

Jack Cafferty, CNN Liberal Gone Rogue! – Avatar’s NRA Redneckin’ Militia – What’s the Bet Again?

Who’s in Control, Again? – Discussing the Prophet, Pat Robertson!

The Cleaner’s New Car – Discussing the Prophet, Pat Robertson!, Cont’d.

Quick Hits – Brit Hume

Hamming it up with Hamilton, Pt. 1, Oscar Predictions

Hamming it up with Hamilton, Pt. 2, Worst Hollywood Tippers



  1. Dave Steiger /

    Thanks for chiming in Art, and thanks for your continued support!

  2. Artskoe /

    Today (the 15th) the Telegraph released the top twenty. First is Dick Cheney, that might be wishful thinking by the Brits bur at least he should be flip-flopped with Rush at number 2. Who would win in a run-off between Rush and Cheney?

    There are several that may be scary to liberals but are not of national influence yet: Paul Ryan & Eric Cantor are examples.

    Roger Ailes leaves us with the question WHO? But it is the News channel that is influential, not the man.

    Finally, George Bush has had his day, Sen. McCain as well, and do not deserve to be in the top 20.

    One thing ya’ll did not discuss (since you are radio) is the pictures used by the Telegraph. Huckabee’s (should be in the top 10) picture is flattering, no?

    Cheerio, mates! If you are going to tackle any of the liberal list, at least high light the ones who are behind the Weather Channel, History Channel and CNN, that way we know who to boycott the advertisements (or is that too mean?)

  3. Artskoe /

    BTW- ‘Sanctuary’ is best described in the Sci Fi movie Logan’s Run (Farrah’s debut). Buy it on Amazon.

    The first debate for Republican gov race in Texas was tonight, and IF she can get out the vote in March (a big if) Debra Medina won the debate, hands down. She is running on “No politics as usual” and both Kay Bailey and Rick had no answers for her questions. The format for the debate was terrific. Debra made the statement, “I don’t carry a gun into the grocery store (it’s against state law) but I WANT TO.” Good stuff.

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