Uncommon Sense Webcast – Year End Special, Part #2!


grim reaper

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Intro – The Cleaner’s Birthday & New Ink – The Parson’s Gift to the Cleaner – Hasn’t Won a Bet Yet!

Special B-Day Call for the Cleaner – Smells Like Jihad – Obama’s Ornaments – What Did Israel Do?

Israel Did Something Very Interesting -Stranger in a Strange Land – Recalling of Ambassadors – Bernie Madoff Mash Up

The Samuel Adams Award – Rick Santelli

The Inspector Clouseau Award – Janet Imcompatano – Surprise Caller

Hamming It Up With Hamilton – Avatar – Bridges of Madison County – Dances With Wolves

The Winged Monkey Award, Acorn – The Elliott Ness Award, Andrew Breitbart Part #1

The Elliott Ness Award, Andrew Breitbart Part #2 – The Joshua & Caleb Award, Hannah Giles & James O’Keefe – Charlie Gibson, Stuck on Stupid

The Dark Knight Award – Glenn Beck

The Thomas Paine Award, Bob Basso – The Ronald Reagan, Jon Voight – The Leonidas, Michelle Bachman

This is Your Brain on Liberal, Runner Ups & Grand Prize Winner

Farewell to 2009 – The Poet Laureate Award, Algore – Satan’s Sock Puppet Award, Keith Olberman – Thanks for Listening, We’ll See You Next Year!


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  1. Artskoe /

    I want to add my thanks to you both for BEING here during the break. When everybody else takes the Christmas/New Year 2 weeks off, you are here for us with uptempo, upbeat news and views.

    John, I want to thank your Mom and Dad for instilling the background of Biblical values needed to sort through the TONS and TONS and MASS of information.

    Dave, you make me wish I had gone to high school with you, or at least college because of the no nonsense approach to things “behind the scenes.”

    Best wishes to both, and families for 2010, and America.


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