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Intro – The Boys Are BACK! – A Duet – The Parson’s Trip – SUSHI! – Chocolate Milk

Barbara Walters’ Top 10 Fascinating People, Pt. #1

Barbara Walters’ Top 10 Fascinating People, Pt. #2 – Michelle is #1 – Obama’s Great Day

Shawne Merriman vs. Tila Tequila – The Cleaner’s Gripe with the ELCA & the Episcopalians -Shakira’s Brilliant SOLUTION to Afghanistan!

Interview With Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute – Kevin Jennings, Pt. #1

Interview With Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute – Kevin Jennings, Pt. #2 – Life in the Public Scruels

Little Drummer Boy – Global Warming? – Theological Segment – No Proof Of God? – Eleanor Clift’s Brain on Liberal

Theological Segment Continued, Apologetics

A Tiger on the Prowl

Abortion – Health Care

Hamming It Up With Hamilton – A Glenn Beck’s A Christmas Sweater – The Blind Side – Avatar – Luke’s Nuggets



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